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Yemen President Explains his Country’s Situation at the UNGA

The United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) 2018 day 2 continued on Wednesday with Iran’s bashing as Yemeni President Abdrabu Mansur Hadi used his address to point out the Iran-funded terrorism in Yemen. Iran’s support of Houthi rebels in the region is being carried out on the back of illegal drug trafficking in the region to fund the militant group Houthi rebels, Hadi observed.

Earlier, the United States President Donald Trump pointed out the role of Iran in terrorism in the Middle East and meddling in the affairs of other countries while also urging the world to isolate Iran. The Republican called on the world leaders to unite in the fight against drug trafficking, saying that the issue is a global one and the world needs to face and eradicate it together. He also slammed the Iranian regime for its dangerous plans for the nuclear weapons during his speech on the first day of the week-long event.

Talking to the world leaders, Hadi accused Iran of blatantly intervening in Yemen, arming the military groups with lethal weapons including missiles along with weapon experts. He openly claimed that Iran has a consistent policy of overwhelming Yemen with drugs and use the illicit drug smuggling to finance the terrorist activities in the country.

“It carries out a policy consisting of overwhelming us with drugs and with illicit trafficking of drugs it supports terrorism”, Hadi maintained.

Earlier, the Saudi-led coalition fighting against the Houthi militia claimed the same, accusing Iran of sponsoring Houthis with the money generated from illicit drug trafficking. With Donald Trump’s call to action, the world has united against the drug trafficking and Iran, which is already facing severe sanctions from the United Nations and the United States, might well go into isolation which does not bode well for the Iranian regime. It remains to be seen how the Iranian leaders answer the accusations.

Hadi addressed the General Assembly for the fourth time in four years, calling on the world to unite against Iran as it continues to interfere in Yemen after breaking out a civil war in the country in 2015; Yemen has been embroiled in war ever since, fighting the Iranian-backed Houthi rebels.

He said, “I call on the international community to shoulder its responsibility to bring pressure on Iran so that it stops intervening in Yemen and supporting Houthi militias”.

Hadi highlighted the fact that the Houthis have been keeping children on the frontlines while using the resources gathered from households to fuel their activities against our government. It needs to stop, and the UN Security Council measures are needed to be implemented; the world needs to back these measures to root out these militias from Yemen. The country cannot accept the Mullahs rule which is why the Houthis are rebelling against the Hadi-led government.

UN is in favor of peace talks between the two parties, however, Hadi claimed that the peace talks are bound to fail as Houthis promote hate, employing gangster-like tactics.

“We are not advocates of war. We support peace, harmony, and stability in Yemen, but this will not happen by cajoling these gangsters like some member states do”, Hadi remarked as he talked about the efforts to get the Houthis on the table for peace talks. He said that the track record of militias suggests otherwise, the most recent instance being the backing out from Geneva peace talks.

The President took the chance to thank the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for their unconditional support in the fight against the extremists. Hadi thanked the people, the government and the King of Saudi Arabia for their continued humanitarian support and their efforts for the reconstruction of the war-stricken country. He told the world that the humanitarian and economic aid by the Kingdom had somewhat helped stabilize the economy but the constant war with the extremist elements is depleting Yemen of its resources and the money which should be spent on the people of Yemen is being used to fuel fight against terrorism. KSA’s efforts to stabilize Yemen, both with the humanitarian aid and fighting Houthis through the military coalition, are being felt throughout the country, especially the liberated areas.

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