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Will President Trump Succeed In Averting A Government Shutdown?

President Donald Trump has signed a short-term bill for federal government spending until December 22 .

The bill has been approved by both the House and Senate.

The bill maintains current funding levels till December 22 and provides funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) by the end of the year.

CHIP covers nearly nine million children whose parents spend too much on Medicaid, a health care program for low-income people, but not enough to pay for other coverage. Consequent upon the dearth of federal funding at the end of September, the program was in trouble.

With large-scale expenditures on spending, Trump and Congressional leaders are now free to move to a much more controversial task of making longer-term spending bills before the 22nd.

The President met with Congress leaders on Thursday to begin long-term rights talks, known as a continuing resolution. “We are here in the spirit of let’s get it done,” she said, “said Senator Chuck Schumer, Senate Minority Leader

During a meeting with Trump, Speaker of the House of Representatives Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader McConnell emphasized that immigration negotiations should be conducted separately and not as part of the government funding bill

The components of an end-of-year package remain a hot topic of debate. Trump and congressional Republicans demand the abolition of defense spending limits, while congressional Democrats seek long-term CHIP funds.

The House of Representatives and the Senate voted to extend government spending that will run out on Friday for another two weeks, which generates a potential confrontation with controversial issues such as immigration later this month. Several Democratic senators have proposed not to vote on any long-term public finance bill unless it includes a permanent solution to the so-called Dreamers.

Democrats also insist on a permanent legislative solution for the protection of young immigrants who are taken into the country as children from deportation. Earlier last year, Trump canceled Obama’s executive mandate, which was protecting about 800,000 so-called dreamers but Congress had six months to legislate on a way out as regards their status before the expiry of DACA, as it is popularly known as, in March.

Republicans in the House and Senate will need the votes of their Democrats colleagues to pass the end-of-year bill, thereby giving the minority Democrats a far bigger edge over this bill than they have legislation.

Following Thursday’s meeting at the White House, Sanders said that Trump and Republicans told Schumer and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi that “any negotiations on immigration should be held separately on a different track, and not as part of the government funding bill.”

However, although it is understandable that Republicans want to pass a spending bill without having to deal with burning political issues such as immigration, Democrats on their part are ready to wait for a permanent remedy to the DACA dilemma

In exchange for a provision that protects the Dreamers, Democrats in Congress have shown their openness in a series of more stringent security measures in the bill.

The continuation of high-level negotiations was billed to last till 22 December of last year.


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