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Why Should the World Embrace #MAGA?

The United States of America has been serving the world, regardless of compensation. At the end of the day, the US provides services to much of the world through protection and exchange of common interests. This is in accord with the good nature of humanity.

America’s most important service to the world is its great ability to understand and cooperate with contradictory parties. Despite the sense of superiority that can come with power, America mostly favors more attractive ways.

Over the past century, the US has led peace efforts and promoted development, wellbeing and human rights culturally and ethically, whether or not deserved. But I am interested here in promoting the positive aspects and rejecting the negativity that undermines all good efforts.

I surely don’t mean that the US does not make mistakes. It has actually made huge mistakes as have other global powers, but the US remains the best to lead the world whether by default or choice.

The realistic policy of the US allows it to win battles by containment and limiting error wherever possible. The United States forms partnerships to support countries like Saudi Arabia, Europe, Japan, South Korea and now even China that allow them to achieve stable and ambitious development rates.

The United States provides its allies with sufficient distance to move independently so they can achieve their goals politically and economically.  Although it exerts political and economic pressure, the US leaves them to decide their own fate.

President Trump has taken the initiative to restore the glory of the American nation. Credibility is essential to the greatest American presidents. They do not follow a policy of deceit or dishonesty with allies.

President Trump achieved a milestone through the American-Arab-Islamic Summit #RiyadhSummit, which opened doors wide in the Middle East for people to share ideas and aspirations on a broad scale. Saudi Arabia approved and contributed to developing a comprehensive security strategy away from negative competition.

We highly appreciate President Trump’s efforts towards peace and the fight against terrorism, especially with regard to the terrorist theocratic Iranian #Mullahs’ regime. The regime of the #Mullahs over the past 40 years has created escalating tensions and conflicts. Their strategy of sectarianism and religious conflicts has promoted terror. The Obama years helped the #Mullahs achieve most of their evil goals of the past decade, especially with regard to ISIS.

The Obama and George W. Bush eras were both very heinous and harmful to the world US allies. Obama and George W. used to lie, deceive and gamble in their relationship with US allies in the Middle East, especially Saudi Arabia. This behavior undermined American interests there.

The world has witnessed the lies of George W. Bush with Tony Blair in the United Nations. The late Saudi King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz told Obama “I could not imagine that a US president would lie to me.” Well, it never happened in history except with Obama and W. Bush.

Personally, I have dealt with Americans for many years and found that honesty seems to be one of their most important cultural qualities and the value that Americans are most proud of. Of course, this is despite the agenda of fake news that absolutely doesn’t represent American values.

The cultural power of the United States is what has made it possible to achieve miracles and is a model from which the world seeks lessons.

Unfortunately, some media, along with some politicians, undermine the confidence of the world in the United States by promoting hatred among Americans and among nations. They lie to American voters about what is really happening outside the United States, especially about Saudi Arabia. I am sure that honest Americans are the majority, and through #MAGA seek to root out hate, lies and fake news.

I’m a Saudi citizen, I believe that America is a power that tends to goodness and I assume that Americans would take care of keeping it that way.

I believe that most Saudis join me in thanking the American people for the close relationship between the Saudi and American peoples, which is almost a century old.

I also find this a nice chance to thank our great American friends on social media platforms that they keep spreading peace and love globally.

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