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Why Is The Mullahs Regime More Afraid Of The PMOI/MEK In Albania Than The MEK in Iraq?!

The Mullah’s regime in Iran has a single and widespread strategy against the MEK! The unit, inasmuch as its purpose is to eliminate the issue of a possible overthrow of it’s corrupt governance, which, from the regime’s point of view, is only the strong and determined MEK, that intends to realize it.

The regime wants to use a completely different spectrum of tactics to apply this time around.

When the MEK were in Iraq, the field for testing, erroneousness, and the execution of all imaginary tactics, on the MEK was open to the Iran regime! They even went so for to attack the PMOI and shoot at them on many different occasions. Sometimes, they attacked them by missiles. These attacks caused dozens of martyrs and hundreds were severely injured!

The MEK faces a psychological warfare. (Installing more than 400 Loudspeakers around the MEK’s headquarters and causing 24-hour sound pollution for two and a half years. This is just one example of the evil psychological warfare facing the Iranian people on the hands of this twisted regime. Resort to the subject of the family and sending some members The Intelligence ministry in front of the Ashraf to make bustle and create a crisis was another part of the same war.

And sometimes, in addition of using all the above factors, the MEK was pressured by food and medical and logistical constraints, and on the other hand, showing the opening stomata of all these difficulties, it was expected that the MEK members would lose their abilities. Say goodbye to their struggle, organization and their aspirations, and lead the way to the ordinary life!

As Kobler, the representative of the United Nations in Iraq, who after some time revealed links and close friendships with the Iranian regime’s embassy in Iraq, said that after transferring the MEK from the Ashraf camp to Camp Liberty (a place near the Baghdad airport), it is expected that at least half the MEK members left the difficult conditions they are in and go to Iran (read to surrender to the Iranian regime’s embassy in Iraq)!

The anticipation that shortly after the establishment of the MEK in Camp Liberty was made clear that the MEK are not a force that with wind of the siege, missile, attack, and psychological warfare, be rooted out and leave their ideals!

But the transfer of the MEK from Camp Liberty to Albania through the international activities of Maryam Rajavi in Europe was a blow to the wishes of the mullahs regime!

The Velayat-e faqih regime, with its striking missile attack couldn’t destroy the MEK and could not surrender them with psychological warfare and the siege!

Maybe they had plans to prepare more striking rocket attacks, but it was too late …  the bird was out of the cage!

With the transfer of the MEK to Albania, there was no longer possible missile attacks or ground attacks on them. After the deployment of the MEK in Albania, even the soft war that was executed in Iraq was no longer feasible!

In a free and regulated European country, naturally, nobody can install Loudspeakers around the people’s home!  Also, they will not be able to send someone called a friend and family, or any name to be disturbed at others’ homes!

Now the mullah’s regime remains, and the MEK who released from the siege, without the concern of the rocket and ground attack and …

This is the form of the painful situation that the mullah’s regime has faced after the deployment of the MEK in Albania, and, of course, they have a thin strategy (and not a widespread) and solutions that are not effective now with the transfer of the MEK to Albania, now they’re no longer working!!

If we could read the minds of regime strategists in confronting this issue, we would have only one solution: Pray for the fact that: now, the MEK in Europe, after years of blood and danger, abandoned the cause of freedom, and get an ordinary life!!

Of course, the officials of the Velayat-e faqih are not expected to sit idle! But rather, this will be facilitated and promoted through the media, Internet, websites and in any way possible!

Expect that, of course, it would be better to say that the last regime solution was against the Mojahedin! However, it was too late that the end of the tunnel was blackened and the regime has been left without a solution in front of the PMOI!!

Four years after the presence of the Mojahedin in Albania, it became clear that the MEK did not stop asking for freedom for their people, wherever they are.

Now after that dreams, this is Khamenei who is forlorn and desperate! From the great gatherings of the Iranian Resistance with the presence of the highest and most influential political figures in the United States, he moans and screams. Khamenei speaks about the role of the Mojahedin in the uprising of December 2017 and January 2018 in the regime’s TV and moans their presence on the Internet!

The moans of this regime always existed, but this time had a fundamental difference with all previous years, the difference was:

The bird was out of the cage, not only out of the cage, but also on the fly and singing loudly!

and …. There is no shot to shoot him in the bow of the mullahs’ regime!


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Saeed Azadi December 6, 2018 at 8:12 pm

Great article! #FreeIran2018

sunrisefreedom December 6, 2018 at 8:12 pm

Very well written, informative and excellent article! Thank you.

Hurria December 6, 2018 at 8:12 pm

Thank you Herald to puplish this story. Great!

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