Who Is Behind The Absurd Propaganda Against Saudi Arabia?

Subhan Sha
Posted on February 24, 2018, 8:41 am
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Over the years it has become accepted to pour so much hate on a country that has done so much for poor nations around the globe. There have been some shy attempts to expose this massive propaganda machine in the past such as this article by “5Pillars” but usually just go completely unnoticed.

Hundreds of thousands of Saudi students are sent abroad every year by the government on fully paid college scholarships. so they can come back to help modernize the country. Hundreds of thousands of Saudi women already have drivers licenses around the world and own good cars because the government not only pays for their college tuition but also gives them handsome salaries which remove any need to find jobs while studying. Even the coffee these women drink every day costs more than a months salary for their poor neighbors in Iran. Oh, and Iran can get away with anything these days because they are part of the massive propaganda machine!

Difference between Iran and Saudi Arabia Today!

This Tweet says it all!

Anyone that’s read an article about Saudi Arabia on any Western News outlet can easily tell that when they write articles they don’t consider conveying the truth but rather advancing their own agenda as painting Saudi Arabia as a Country that’s barbaric and hinders freedom. A lot of this negative coverage can be based on “paid reporting” by lobbyists funded by Qatar, Iran, or even Russia.  It is a sneaky way for earning much-needed revenue by these aging media outlets and are pretty obvious because their loyal readers are never interested by these biased reports and don’t seem to realize that their favorite source of information is simply doing what it’s paid t do.  Western media claim to represent the actions that take place in Saudi Arabia as truly as possible but their reports and analysis have proven to be fake time and time again. The majority of articles and news found on Western News outlets are either entirely fabricated or convoluted and bent to the farthest extremes to make Saudi Arabia the bad guy in almost every situation.

This tweet is just a taste of what Saudi Arabia has been going through over the years!

Wrong Coverage Time & Time Again

When it comes to the coverage of events in Saudi Arabia, Western News outlets have made it a point to use Outrage marketing to maximize the clicks on their articles by taking advantage of the paranoia Western Population has about Islam. Rather than representing the accomplishments of Saudi Arabia in a fair light Western Media outlets would rather be more inclined to generate outrage to drive more traffic and hence more revenue to their respective sites. A fine example of this would be the Syrian Refugee incident where almost every mainstream news outlets in the West slammed Saudi Arabia as not taking in any refugees which were outright baseless and completely false.

Saudi Arabia was on the forefront helping the Syrian Refugees the entire time by providing over 2.5 million refugees and still growing citizenship which would allow them to live their life as if in their own country rather than being concentrated in camps like most western countries would. All this while providing millions of dollars to other countries to help support refugees. All these facts that are backed by U.S Government Agencies but most news outlets completely overlooked these facts that they could have easily verified if they were to do even a bit of research rather than making baseless claims.

A more recent example would be the coverage around Saudi Arabia’s TechUtopia Neom which is to be a mega-city in the middle of a desert. While many would consider this a technological feat Western Outlets only see this as an opportunity to slam Saudi Arabia for following the teachings of their religion to being not open enough to suit their tastes and standards. Predatory articles like this that incite hatred and resentment against Saudi Arabia are a prime example of how Western Media takes any news that comes out of Saudi Arabia and turns it into a hit piece about the laws and regulations of the country.

Using Terrorism & Islam As A Scapegoat

In the West, News outlets have made ISIS, al-Qaida, and other terrorist groups as being related to Saudi Arabia even though the majority of them are found in Iran where they gather their soldiers and carry out their plans from. This is also a very common narrative that many unreliable and biased analysts promote to further strengthening the image of Saudi Arabia as a financier of terrorist groups but the truth couldn’t be further away! Saudi Arabia is in a constant battle with homegrown terrorism and faces more terrorist threats than the majority of other countries but when was the last time any western news outlets covered such an incident?

Why Doesn’t Saudi Arabia Do Something About All The Fake News?

One of the major reasons why Western Propaganda against Saudi Arabia has been so successful is because of the lack of interest from Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia has a very poor media presence and is largely not concerned about their public image which is why most of their news and information is strictly In Arabic which is why there’s so little pushback from Saudi Arabia for most of the false and fake news published by news outlets.

On the hand, Iran the regional rival has established multiple new outlets that further bolster the fake propaganda by promoting more misconceptions. Recently, Saudi Arabia has taken note of these activities which is why it’s taking active measures to improve their position but it is still relatively behind in the information war.

When it all comes down to it, the Western Propaganda simply relies on the mistrust and years of false information and hatred it’s population has garnered for the Islamic kingdom. From ignoring everything the Islamic kingdom is doing to aid its people both nationally and internationally to helping counter-terrorism locally, regionally and internationally, western news outlets have continuously continued to ignore all the efforts made by Saudi Arabia just to promote their own agenda while making the most money they can.


Subhan Sha
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