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When Terrorists Call for Freedom of Speech

Majority of Muslims worldwide do not share the ideologies of ISIS, Al-Qaeda or Hezbollah, though they share the same religious text, the Qur’an. Unfortunately, only 11 young adults are needed to kill 3,000 in the event of 9/11, three people to kill 130 in the November 2015 Paris attacks, and one person to kill 23 persons in the 2017 Manchester Arena bombing. Even though the number of terrorists who claim to be Muslim is statistically insignificant, politically it’s enough to shape Western cultural opinion regarding the values, motivations, beliefs, and intentions of all Muslims.  So, what differentiates a terrorist’s Muslim from non-terrorist? Answering this question is easier than we think because it is not about the number of prayers per day or having a long or short beard or wearing a hijab or even a niqab. In fact, it is the existence of the imperial political ideology of creating an Islamic state similar to the Ottoman Empire that declined years ago which makes a Muslim very dangerous.

Armenian genocide

We know this because there is no political ideology writing in the Qur’an that all Muslims should believe in, but there are many Islamic political schools that developed throughout the history such as the Sunni Islamic caliphate which is based on the idea that Muslims around the world should live in one state under one Muslim Sunni leader.  On the other hand, Shia’s Imamah which is based on the  existence of a hidden leader who is alive for more than 600 years, and when he appears he will conquer The holy city of Madinah in Saudi Arabia along with other cities and kill the people who will resist him and then go to Israel to kill all the Jewish people and create a unified Islamic nation or state for Muslims who follow his rule. Accordingly, Muslims around the world should live in one state under one Muslim Shia leader from the Prophet of Islam Dynasty who is hidden for more than 600 years.

Al Jazeera proudly giving voice to the poor oppressed Terrorists

However, since the decalin of the Turks Ottoman Empire in 1922 due to their long history of abusing non-Muslims and native Arabs, many political Islamic parties have been formed holding the same ideology dreaming of re-creating a one Islamic nation state for all Muslims, an ideology similar to the Nazis political party when they called to create one nation-state for all the Aryan race.

Ottomans Kill Arabs

The Sunni Islamic caliphate is, however, based on the need that all Muslims around the world live in a single unified country under one leader. In other words, having a non-Muslim leader is against their faith. Accordingly, Muslims should always aim to re-establish the Islamic Caliphate otherwise they will be described as infidels.

Same old Same old

Imagine what would happen to the world based on those two ideologies, given that Sunni and Shia hold different political ideologies? Also, given that 15 million Egyptians are Coptic, what it would feel like to live in their native land while priority is given to people based on their faith. Or what about people who want to live in peace under international law. We should not give freedom of speech to people who want to create a racist nation-state.

Genocide of Arabs

Criticizing Arab countries such as Egypt, U.A.E, Bahrain or Saudi Arabia for fighting groups like the Muslim Brotherhood or Houthis in Yamen is unacceptable because they simply do not want these radical ideas to gain momentum.  We should understand that it is not only people with good intentions who call for freedom of speech because some have very evil intentions which is why Germany is also preventing the Nazis ideology from re-birth.

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