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War Between The USA & North Korea Is More Likely Than Ever

Every day the chances of the United States going to war with North Korea becomes less of a possibility and more of a reality. We’re all aware that North Korea has been “demonstrating” it’s military might as of late since they successfully developed Nuclear Warhead that can target the United States and their Allies. Seemingly had enough of North Korea, which is understandable, President Trump responded with noticeable hostility this week promising “fire and fury the likes of which the world has never seen” if Pyongyang threatens the US.

So, what does this mean for all of us? According to a former US Secretary of Defense, both the nations are heading of “some form of conflict”. Multiple efforts have been made to dispel the current situation most notably by William Perry, who was sent for negotiations with the North Korean government after being sent as an envoy to Pyongyang by President Bill Clinton in 1999 which went on for quite some time.

The talks to shut down the Nuclear Warhead research was almost a success until the talks were terminated by George W. Bush. Today, Kim Jong-un is has developed Nuclear warheads and is in a much stronger position. Mr. Perry gave his view on the likely outcome of the current escalation of tensions between the two countries.

“In the direction, we’re moving now, I see us heading toward some sort of a conflict,” Mr. Perry replied.

“Even a minor military conflict could do incredible damage to South Korea and a major conflict, another Korean war – even if it was a conventional war – we could easily see a million casualties.

“And beyond that the very real likelihood that, as North Korea started to lose that conventional war, which they would, they then might resort to the use of nuclear weapons and a last-minute armageddon, you might say.” Mr. Perry has a great argument here. As said by many, North Korea is indeed much like a baby holding a Nuclear Warhead. Even if there’s a war and North Korea loses the rest of the world is still going to get the full brunt of it.

While the majority of the past US leaders have been side curbing this major issue with North Korea, President Trump has taken the opposite approach which tough has led to the situation escalating dramatically does progress the situation.

Even though many Washington heavyweights which include John McCain have accused President Trump making bluffs that he can’t live up to but what looking at the situation it doesn’t seem like President Donald Trump is bluffing and he is more than capable of retaliating against North Korea. North Korea has responded to President Trump’s remarks by stating that it is considering a missile strike on the Pacific island of Guam which is the home to many US military bases.

The staff at the research house Capital Economics has assessed the potential economic impact that a conflict between the United State and North Korea would have on the world’s economic prosperity.

“The experience of past military conflicts shows how big an impact wars can have on the economy. The war in Syria has led to a 60% fall in the country’s GDP,” or gross domestic product, the two wrote.

“The most devastating military conflict since World War Two, however, has been the Korean War (1950-53), which led to 1.2m South Korean deaths, and saw the value of its GDP fall by over 80%.”

Among all that’s going on, China is facing issues of its own. Having failed to calm the tension between North Korea and the United States due to both ignoring China’s advice and recommendations for peaceful resolve, China has decided to sit out the latest crisis with nuclear-armed Pyongyang.

“China is not too worried that the United States might suddenly attack North Korea. It is worried about THAAD,” said Sun Zhe, co-director of the China Initiative of Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs.

China has played its role in mediating the situation even though it has no responsibility to do so. China also has signed up for tough United Nations sanctions that were agreed on Saturday and says it is committed to enforcing them even though they cause China considerable loss. Regardless, China is still be pressured and even blamed for the escalating situation even though they genuinely have no responsibility to either North Korea or the United States. The foreign ministry last month called for an end to what it termed the “China responsibility theory”.

“China has never ‘owned’ North Korea, and North Korea has never listened to China’s suggestions,” said Zhang Liangui, a North Korea expert at China’s Central Party School, which trains rising officials.

“Neither North Korea nor the United States listens to China. They’re too busy heading down the path to a military clash. There’s not much China can do. China can’t stop North Korea and it can’t stop the United States.”


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