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Is the Velayat-e Faqih System Approaching its Last Stage in Life?

The story of their slow demise began when the new American government withdrew from the horrible  2015 nuclear deal

The Nuclear Deal was supposed to benefit the Iranian people in free trade and have a positive effect on the livelihood of the Iranian citizens. However, the Iranian government funneled all that money to its foreign militias wrecking havoc across the middle east. It betrayed the trust of the US government and more importantly its own people.

The uprisings going on today are happening for two main reasons:

First, when the nuclear deal was signed at now famed “5 + 1” agreement, the Tehran regime took money by the hundreds of billions and instead of spending this money to improve their people’s situation, they allowed corruption to fester to the highest levels. It is documented that the leader himself has accumulated more than 90 billion dollars in foreign banks while his people can’t even find clean water to drink.

There was simply no improvement in the situation of citizens to help them deal with these vital issues such as water scarcity and air pollution and rapidly increasing levels of poverty.

Instead, this extra money was spent on the Revolutionary Guards and the various radical religious foundations. This eventually led to public outrage because the people of Iran could see their so-called rivals in Saudi Arabia and UAE enjoy the highest levels of living standards while their children’s’ lives are wasted on other matters that do not concern them one bit.

Second, after President Trump withdrew from the nuclear deal and his decisions that followed relating to the continuation of the sanctions, the “fake”  Islamic Republic’s ability to export oil and other products against the US dollar or the euro was limited.

Currency constraints, lack of food imports, and other essential products immediately caused the eruption of angry people in the streets.

Iran has always been under these sanctions so what makes these Different?

Although Iran has suffered from the recession over the past 40 years in similar periods, the difference today is that people can longer continue with the charade of blaming the United States while excusing the regime. In fact, the citizens now solely blame the Islamic Republic Mullahs for their current situation.

The US sanctions certainly have a negative impact on the economy, but the corruption of the authorities and their medieval-like “Velayat-e Faqih” system is the reason for these escalating protests.

The Islamic Republic of Mullahs is in a difficult situation

On the one hand, it needs the West to receive economic aid. On the other hand, it is deeply stuck in the ditch of the scenario that causes the United States to be intrusive. At the same time, the voice of the people will be louder with continued economic pressures.

At present, the system of Velayat-e Faqih seems to have been more and more in isolation.

High-ranking officials were on record to have said that if the USA would withdraw from the nuclear deal and not allow them to sell their oil because of US pressure, they would block the Strait of Hormuz and effectively stop everyone from doing the same.

Of course, if this does happen and they go ahead with their fulminations, the “fake” Islamic Republic will not only face a domestic political crisis; but rather, this approach will lead to a dangerous geopolitical crisis that they currently can not simply withstand.

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