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The need for Saudi American Cultural Dialogue to Expose Widespread False Narratives

Win hearts win all

To the Americans who care…

A normal human being should care about all humanity but there are so-called “priorities” in our caring.  A priority is a logical system of order in our preferences. Taking into account the assumption of goodwill among people, we can’t fix wrong choices in our priorities by adding more wrongs, and two mistakes can’t make it right.

Every nation has its own independent culture, history, religion, language and territory, which is expressed in government policy.  Therefore, it’s an expression of hostility toward that government for one nation to intervene in another nation’s internal affairs.

Our American friends’ thought pattern should be like this when they attack another nation’s regime, values and culture: How would they like it if American culture, religion, values, and traditions were attacked in this way? This is the serious question that our American friends should ask instead of saying “Why do they hate us?” This is a deception of political and ideological agendas only. There’s no nation that would hate America!

At the end of the day, I’m not in a position to tell Americans what they should or shouldn’t do but it’s only an effort to communicate with them directly, away from fake news or prejudice that only results in more hate speech between our two nations.

Global Peace is the result of a common understanding that comes through direct communication and dialog to reach a point that serves the interests of each nation. When there is no peace, this is a fundamental indication of the lack of adequate communication between nations. This is caused by dominant fears and lack of protecting common interests.

Political and ideological parties mostly tend to cast doubt, fear, and conflict among people and among nations and to stimulate negative emotions and primary instincts. This aims to ensure that people remain under the control of their authority. It limits ordinary people’s ability to influence policy in the natural direction of goodwill.

The conflict may not necessarily be military but even civil political conflict can also be very costly. Presenting only a choice of extreme Right or Left is one of the tools of control and influence. Therefore it unnecessarily limits dialog among people and causes conflict and division.

The extreme individual enthusiasm of any party is one of the fundamental threats to stability. We should think twice before submitting to blind polarization. This causes disputes that start out very small and seem ineffective but it grows due to accumulated psychological barriers.

Extremely important; The blame game is one of the most dangerous types of political manipulation in the minds of peoples and societies. It is a cowardly way to avoid taking responsibility. When we see leaders and politicians playing the blame game without making real and effective initiatives, they are blackmailing and deceiving people. We simply can’t blame other governments and nations to feel satisfied that we have done what we should do while we have not.

The blame game is one of the symptoms of the illusion of absolute superiority that does not allow self-criticism and does not permit real criticism. This causes the suspension of intellectual development and blocking of reform measures.

You’re now reading this article and might feel fear from this stranger on the other side, as you might feel it with anyone, but if we kept close to each other long enough we might be amazing friends or neighbors.

Well, human behavior is similar in individuals or groups, so what happens among individuals happens as well as among nations. An ordinary conflict between ordinary neighbors may start with children but adults turn it into a disaster. Thus wars and other international conflicts begin with cowardly acts of stupidity while the peaceful people stand idly by without doing anything to contain the dispute and act wisely.

The will of peace starts with ordinary individuals who decide logically that they are the most likely victims of any conflict – personally, economically and security-wise – because influential people often escape responsibility for their destructive actions.

As individuals, we can participate in making peace. We’re different people from different cultures, religions, and countries but down deep we have the same motives. We seek a reasonable income to take care of ourselves and our families and practice our beliefs.

We should abandon prejudice right now and stop thinking that we already know the others very well. We have all been submitted to a brainwashing process by media with stereotypes that ignite hatred and conflicts to serve their private agendas.

We should start communicating directly with people of all kinds and that has become very easy, especially through social media. We should start immediately to learn about each other locally, nationally and internationally.

Ironically, for decades I used to think that Americans were just a bunch of drug addicts and alcoholics with advanced technology and weapons who want to control and destroy others. But through direct communication, I learned that they’re beautiful people who carry false perceptions just like us. Now I have precious friends all over the world – Americans, Australians, Europeans, Africans, and Asians.

King Salman, Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman, and President Donald J. Trump have presented a huge opportunity to us through the #RiyadhSummit to engage and gather in good purposes for us and for the world.
We must believe in our importance as individuals in national, regional and international peacemaking. We are harmed when we submit to calls of hatred. With our silence, conflicts and wars begin.

We are all way better than that.


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Hassan Alzahrani February 25, 2019 at 12:29 am

I am very happy to see the facts truth news in this newspaper, giving people chance to tell the others their opinion. Thanks


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