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U.S Sanction-Iran-Europe-Role of Iranian Resistance-MEK in Iran Protests

By: Hossein Gandomy

As we’re getting toward the U.S. sanctions against Iran regime, we witness some sign about challenge in European countries policy. Also there is some minds ab effectives of sanctions on Iranian people’s situation after recent Iran protests. Khamenei said about the European countries: “Cut your hope about Europe! Europe is not the place that we hope them about our Economic issues like JCPOA”

The question is if these words have come from the European position which reacts in Iran regime? Or if these words show that the Europe is going away the Iran regime’s back?

We witness to a dynamic and passing situation but the fact is the policy which the European government has kept is failed and is not defenseless and what the European tries to keep is completely defensive.

Iranian resistance called this, the “appeasing policy”

The issue that is going forward is the “firm policy” which exactly the result of many years failed appeasing with Iranian regime which the west and especially the U.S Inevitably turn to it.

Of course, Iran regime’s behavior is the European countries’ concern issue and the European won’t be silence against regime’s terrorism in the region, also its Missile issue. In the other side, Iranian people’s protests and uprising is increasing this crisis because the European companies which pressure their governments see that the Iranian regime has faced a no‏ perspective situation. So it’s clear that the supporters of appeasement policy in the west will stay on more weakness position and there is no more background to help to the regime because of regime’s crisis situation.

Of course, in the UN assembly’s future meeting, Iran issue will be one of the most serious one. With such perspective, Khamenei is telling to his forces that they have no choice to save from this crisis and it means: he is telling his forces a bitter truth.

The European themselves had to confess this reality, mostly public but much more secretly that Iran regime won’t give the suitable answer to them and in fact is not able to.

The Iranian regime has been arrived in the downfall stages and has been held in an Unprecedented dead-end, so either will start to drink the poison cup (accepting the west conditions) or not, of course, all tells that the regime will go the first way.

Recently the internal instructions of the French Foreign Ministry about “No visit French diplomats to Iran except for necessary case” were disclosed. The reason was concerning about the regime’s revenge terrorist measures against its fail terrorist plot in Paris on June 30.

It means Iranian regime is getting back to its last terror measures and the history of “Moderation figure” has been finished, so Mullahs have cleared their real nature, means clear Reckless terrorism, violation and bloodshed and the European watch that the reality is being forced to them.

An important issue which the U.S and Europe have engaged now is the sanctions. The question is if the sanctions are going forward or not?

In fact, the sanctions are absolutely one of the main international issues and is getting increased against Iranian regime’s institution, organization, companies, and lobbies.

Brian Hook, the head of Iran Action Group which has followed Iran record in U.S department of state clearly said to the many countries that will strongly continue the sanctions. The European companies continuously express their disappointment about the dealing with Iran and sometimes clearly say that will leave Iran’s market.


Real sanctions in Iran

Iranian people are severely under sanctions but entirely behind of Iranian regime, Khamenei and its faction.

Almost all the huge economic Iran’s projects control by 14 holdings which directly related or belong to the regime’s organizations, one of the called ‏» The Executive Headquarters of Imam Khomeini’s Directive‏« under Khamenei’s control with has absolutely more than 95billion dollars. This is related to 4-5years ago and of course, has gotten much more.

Iranian resistance considered that has no serious economic parts which are not related to these holdings. What Iranian people face is the result of these 14 holdings directly related to the regime.

What has shaken Iranian regime facing to, is the possibility of losing all funds which have plundered in these years from Iranian people’s lives and pockets.

Why has the west adopted the firm policy against Iranian regime after too many years about all regime’s crimes and measures?

The answer is simple: The past policy has failed, means the U.S. which had given all to this regime in Obama’s time no care about Iranian people, like Iran Deal and Human rights issue and about regime’s main opposition.

But the fact is the Iranian regime couldn’t answer to the international community, exactly because of its decline, inhuman and middle age’s nature which does not belong to this age.

The past regime’s position is not tolerable for especially for the U.S.

Almost nowhere in the region has remained not to meddling by Iran regime, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan, Lebanon and there is no continent in the world that regime hasn’t done terrorism measures on it.

The Iranian regime is also the serious threat of the region about ballistic missile and the threat for the west and the international community.

But so far, the role of Iranian people and Iranian resistance shouldn’t be ignored. In fact, the Iranian resistance’s presence and activities were the main issues that have forced the international policies to reach a firm policy against the Iranian regime.

No one wouldn’t know that the Mullahs ruling Iran what are doing, if there was not Iranian resistance revelation about “Iran deal”, “Human rights”, “Meddling in the region as much as Iranian resistance said.

In December 2003, Mrs. Maryam Rajavi said: “The dangerous of Iranian regimes’ meddling in the region is a hundred time more dangerous than its reaching to the nuclear weapon”. At that time, there was no one to listen at that time, but Iranian resistance resists in its word and by the support of Iranian people and its strong support inside Iran.

The destiny and issue of Iranian people wouldn’t be discussed and registered in the international and global scene if there was not Iranian people’s uprising and the role of Iranian resistance and Iranian resistance unites with paying the maximum price, courage, and sacrifices.

Now all the world sees that Iranian people demand “Regime Change” and all two regime’s factions have been rejected. Iranian youth chanted: Death to Khamenei in streets and clearly shows their demand to the International community. So something which might be priced less is the role of Iranian people and its resistance and the role of the Iranian resistance units which we have been faced in recent mounts

Iranian regime might accept the negotiation, but it won’t buy time for regime even lead it down to its toppling well.

Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, the Iranian resistance president Elect has said in the grand gathering in Paris June 30: “we would welcome any retreat by the mullahs because one thousand chalices of poison would ultimately serve the interests of 1,000 Ashrafs (resistance units)” and whom that understands it well is the Iranian regime’s supreme leader, Khamenei.

and whom that understands it well is the Iranian regime’s supreme leader, Khamenei.

Khamenei knows well that there will be a short distance between retreating and the “Iranian Regime’s toppling” and Now he will put it beside of the international situation and social crisis and the explosive of Iran community situation and the role of Iranian resistance and resistance units led by MEK inside Iran.

The dialectics says that Mullahs regime drinks the first and second poison of “retreating” if there were and choice and solution.

Khamenei had chosen the “retreating” if he would have seen any solution to get out of the dead end.  Khamenei knows better that there is no solution and everything narrate the dead end of his rotten regime.

Mullahs regime has stuck between bad and worst.

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