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An Analyst Exposes Twitter’s Biased Agendas

An Analyst Exposes Twitter’s Biased Agendas
An Analyst Exposes Twitter’s Biased Agendas

Many questions and information can be described dangerous, circulated about the policies of Twitter administration in dealing with user accounts, which definitely shows the bias of Twitter’s agendas administration which seems certain for agendas regarding the Middle East.

Middle East
The investigative journalist Hussein Al-Ghawi commented on Twitter’s Biased Agendas, exposing: Twitter company deals in most of its analyzes specifically with regard to the Middle East with Stanford University in California, and relies on it as a source circulated by the Western and Arabic media, explaining that through these digital analyses, the data is measured and extracted and the extent of its impact, which may lead to the suspension of accounts.

Qatar Involvement
Mr. Hussain added that after a simple tracking of the information he has done about the university’s teamwork, he found that the university does not count on its own team, but rather, with regard to specifically the Middle East, on outside source formed from two persons work directly with the Qatari government!

Professor Marc Owen Jones and CNN journalist Geoff Gulberg, a collaborator with several Qatari newspapers, their work focuses entirely on specific points:

1.  Distorting countries that boycott Qatar by publishing false analyses.

2.  Suspending accounts and threatening foreign sympathizers with Saudi Arabia.

3.  Defending Qatar, Hizbullat and Turkey.

Fake Analyses

Fake Analyses
The journalist Al-Ghawi demonstrates that the analyses are fake, by saying that Twitter suspends the account of “Geoff” months ago!  But it is still relying on his analyses indirectly through the university, wondering if Twitter does not get the dangerous trick?

Mr. Al-Ghawi points out that there is a cooperating figure works from Stanford University called “Shelby Grosman” whose mission is to monitor Saudi accounts or sympathisers and then suspend them.

He explains: As you always can see, Western media, Al Jazeera and its outbuildings are interested in publishing these fake analyses and commenting on them as if they belong to an independent source, while the reality reveals that behind all this is a very dangerous intelligence game supervised by the Qatari regime and implemented by Professor Marc Owen Jones.

Professor Marc Owen Jones
Geoff Gulberg
Twitter account, Professor Marc Owen Jones.
Twitter account, Geoff Gulberg

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