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April 21, 2019
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Twitter Inc. are they Dictators or Supporters of free Speech?

When Twitter announced it has shut down a vast amount of accounts over the last six months for promoting terrorism it failed to mention that many of which were actually activist accounts exposing the terrorists along with the media that was helping them reach a wider audience!

The company’s managers unknowingly and unintentionally also provided very great help to the Iranian regime, because many accounts of human rights defenders in Iran who are struggling for freedom in Iran have also been suspended without prior notice.

The author of this text has no objection to the fight against terrorism, but there is a difference between those who value freedom and the hatred and brutality which we are fighting in spite of the media horrible negligence.

Twitter’s main functionality right now is the huge performance of appeasement with the Iranian regime. Perhaps the main question that comes to mind is, what damage has twitter caused to the freedom-calling civilians who are actively slaughtered in broad daylight?

I say to you that every moment a tweet against Khomeini’s regime carried out with several hundred thousand people, the world becomes aware of the crimes of this regime. But after the accounts of tens of thousands of human rights activists and advocates in Iran were suspended, especially in the so-called fight against terrorism, this much-needed pressure on the Iranian Mullahs regime has now been eased greatly.

You, Gentlemen, wanted to do a right act, but like many Western politicians who cannot stop the brutal totalitarian regimes like Iran’s and Bashar al Assad’s regime, are actually helping them greatly.

Once again, the brainless standards of your robotic and human tactics with the platform has proven your incompetence and match.  Do not think that money and reputation come at the cost of the blood of innocents from around the world.

What is the right thing to do right now?

You should consider these issues:
  1.  Twitter policies to express views have been set up with very little attention to free speech, this makes people unable to communicate the appropriate messages.
  2. On Twitter, the thoughts of users that you do not respect could be helped if you open a dialogue with them instead of putting robots and robotic solutions. Humanity and respect of individuals should be your number one priority. Yes, you are rich because of the financial benefits of having these people stick around on your platform but stakeholders money is never higher than humanity. You have sold out your souls to make money, you sold your humanity and I must say that the many users have felt betrayed and disappointed. Such a pity.
  3. You need to be objective and stop your bias.

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