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Turkey Responses Through ISIS – Saudi Popular Boycott Campaign Scores

Seems more clear that ISIS has become an armed wing to support Turkish expansionism and terrorism agendas.  This appears now after the wide success of the Saudi popular campaign to boycott Turkish products, which cost Turkey billions of dollars.

Implicitly, ISIS spokesman announced solidarity with Turkey calling to target Saudi Arabia including westerners, oil pipelines and economic infrastructure.

“Targets are plenty … Start by hitting and destroying oil pipelines, factories and facilities which are the source (of income) of the tyrant government,” the spokesman, Abu Hamza al-Muhajir said.

ISIS spokesman added that the kingdom had supported normalization with Israel by opening its airspace for Israeli flights to neighboring Gulf states.

Another mufti of the Muslim Brotherhood issued an ISIS-style fatwa, stressing that the boycott of the Turkish economy was a religious violation.

The same Internet site of the Muslim Brotherhood, available in all languages, also advocates the release of the Muslim Brotherhood hate preachers imprisoned in Saudi Arabia.

ISIS has in the past mainly killed and displaced millions of Muslims, robbing them of their resources and their homeland.

The campaign was launched from Saudi Arabia like wildfire, as many major stores, supermarkets, factories and restaurants announced that they did abandon Turkish products completely, while one of the major famous restaurants wide chains announced that they started import Greek products.

Many peoples who are aware of Turkish threats to the modern world and realise the aggressive Turkish policies joined the campaign. Egypt, UAE, Bahrain, Morocco, Greece and Armenia and other peoples.

The head of the Turkish Contractors Union had stated to the Turkish newspaper, Cumhuriyet, that Turkish losses are increasing and that many businesses are heading for bankruptcy due to the popular boycott led by the Saudis.

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