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President Trump to Put US Sovereignty as Foremost Priority at UNGA

The biggest event for the assembly of world leaders is finally here and the President of United State of America will be present at the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) from September 24-27, in addition to holding bilateral talks with several countries that share the values the US.

While everyone’s wondering about the agenda of President Trump’s talk during the grand event, Nikki Haley US Ambassador to the UN clarified the talking points of President Trump’s talk at the UNGA, while talking to the media on Thursday.

Talking about Iran, the top diplomat said that the country has a presence everywhere termed as dangerous and that it continues to be a problematic country.

President Trump will have a busy schedule starting from 24th September, followed by meetings with a number of leaders from the United Kingdom, Japan, Israel, France, Egypt, and South Korea in addition to high-profile meetings with María Fernanda Espinosa Garces, the President of the General Assembly and Antonio Guterres, the General Secretary.

The United States will not compromise on the country’s sovereignty and this is something every American wants, said the Indian-American diplomat. The Republican will give a speech on the US Foreign Policy, laying out where the country will go from here, while also focusing on the country’s sovereignty. The countries sharing similar values with America will be taken into confidence and from there, the expansion of bilateral ties will be pondered upon.

Not that the US is against the idea of multilateralism, we cannot allow the platforms and countries to dictate us what to do; she cited the decision to quit Paris Climate Change Accord and Global Migration Compact. She said that mandating things on the States is not going to be an option and President Trump would be talking about it in detail at the event.

“Anytime the US talks about sovereignty, it’s always going to be the will of the American people and not the will of the international community”, she said during the media talk.

Haley talked about the generosity of America, saying that it would continue to be generous when it comes to financial aid to countries which share out values and not those hate America. Mr. President would begin by a call to action for the drug problem faced by the world, inviting all countries to work with us to eradicate the evil. As of now, 124 countries have already vouched to work with us, while others will join as well.

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