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Trump Calls For End Of Russia Investigation

The congressional committee which is being led by an individual from Donald Trump’s presidential transition team has made a recent announcement in which he said that Trump’s 2016 campaign did not take part in any conspiracy with Russian operatives and he also stated that the committee was close to the completion of its investigation regarding the matter.

The top Democrat on the committee, Adam Schiff, showed strong condemnation regarding the announcement and also declared it as a “tragic milestone for this Congress” and put accusations on his Republican colleagues of “yet another capitulation to the executive branch”.

“By ending its oversight role in the only authorized investigation in the House, the [Republican] majority has placed the interests of protecting the president over protecting the country, and history will judge its actions harshly,” Schiff quoted in an announcement on Monday.

But side by side investigations in two Senate committees about this supposed conspiracy plan among Russia and the Trump camp kept on going smoothly, along with an inspection being led by the special counsel Robert Mueller.

Schiff showed strong opposition to Trump’s definition of his committee’s work as “in-depth”.

“The majority was not willing to pursue the facts wherever they would lead, would prove afraid to compel witnesses like Steve Bannon, Hope Hicks, Jeff Sessions, Donald Trump Jr, Corey Lewandowski and so many others to answer questions relevant to our investigation,” Schiff’s statement said. “It proved unwilling to subpoena documents like phone records, text messages, bank records and other key records so that we might determine the truth about the most significant attack on our democratic institutions in history.”

Representative Mike Conaway of Texas, a Republican member of the House intelligence committee, declared to the reporters on Monday that the committee will not be interviewing any more witnesses in relevance to the investigation regarding the supposed conspiracy scheme and he also stated that no there was no conspiracy at the first place.

“The bottom line: the Russians did commit active measures against our election in ’16, and we think they will do that in the future,” Conaway stated. “We disagree with the narrative that they were trying to help Trump.”

“We found no evidence of collusion,” Conaway said. “We found perhaps some bad judgment, inappropriate meetings. But only Tom Clancy or Vince Flynn or someone else like that could take these series of inadvertent contacts with each other, meetings, whatever, and weave that into some sort of a fiction and turn it into a page-turner, spy thriller.”

In the previous month, in allegations passed on by a grand jury consisted of citizens who had analyzed the evidence, Mueller explained in what way 13 Russian citizens and three Russian organizations had supposedly managed to interfere in the 2016 election. “By early to mid-2016,” stated in the indictment, “defendants’ operations included supporting the presidential campaign of then-candidate Donald J Trump (‘Trump campaign’) and disparaging Hillary Clinton.”

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