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Trump and Florida

Early morning on September 10th, Hurricane Irma slammed Florida as a Category 5 Hurricane, and left the state in turmoil. This is not the first time this happened either,  as just a week prior, Hurricane Harvey wrecked southern Texas, and just a few days before THAT, hurricane Katia struck and damaged Mexico.

When going to visit Hurricane Harvey victims, US President Donald Trump was accused of a lack of empathy, and even lying about going to see victims, and seeing the devastation of Hurricane Harvey first hand. He seemed to avoid accusations of a lack of empathy this time around.

Visiting Florida on Thursday, the 14th of September, made a much larger effort to remain empathetic, and it worked beautifully. He had this to say:

            “We love these people, and we’re going to be back, and we’re going to help. And the job that everybody has done in terms of first-respondents and everybody has been incredible. And, by the way, that includes people who live here, because you see the people immediately getting back to work to fix up their homes — like Bobby and like some of the others. So I just want to tell you, we are there for you 100 percent. I’ll be back here numerous times. … These are special, special people, and we love ’em.

Trump approved Federal Emergency Management Agency funds, or FEMA funds, to 37 counties in Florida. The combined total of damages in the 37 counties tallied in the hundreds of millions of dollars. These damages were devastating, with whole businesses and home unable to function as a result. People who are in these counties can also receive unemployment aid, mortgage assistance, and even have their late fees on their loans forgiven by Chase bank.

He praised FEMA for their hard work, stating “the job you’ve done in saving people and saving lives.” Trump even gave words of encouragement to people whom up to 90% of the homes and businesses were damaged by the storm, stating “We’re working very hard on that, and we have a lot of goods out there, a lot of water, food, a lot of everything,”How empathy and passion to help to people of Florida is resonating with the residents. However, that same compassion and empathy can’t be said of leftists on Twitter.

It was made Popular during Hurricane Harvey when a left-leaning charity that goes by Charitable Humans’ Social Media rep stated on Twitter: “Texas has been bitten by Karma, but they still have a huge debt to the bank of Karma.” and “I just can’t bring myself to even consider providing aid to any red state, let them clean up their own mess.”

This is not any different with Hurricane Irma, where such empathetic and #LoveTrumpsHate behavior flies right out the window! There are Tweets such as:

“I hope Irma leaves all these Trump supporters homeless…”


“We should round up all of the Trump supporters and leave them directly in Hurricane Irma’s path.”


“Can we just put Donald Trump and all of his supporters in a house by the ocean where Hurrican Irma is supposed to hit first?”


I am not a supporter of Trump, personally, and am not a fan of many of his practices and guidelines. However. This kind of behavior is callous and disgusting, and very telling of the mindset of the political party that is supposed to be about tolerance and love.


If a political party or group wants to claim that they are morally superior and more empathetic to another group, they must act that way. Tweets like this only take away from the message that the party preaches, and deprecates the people the political party is claiming to fight for. In other words, the malice and intolerance of the left will make them dig their own grave.

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