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The Youth Herald a Free and Democratic Future in Iran

We, the Iranian American youth are striving for a free, democratic and non-nuclear Iran. On June 30th, many of us are going to enthusiastically attend the #FreeIran2018 Grand Gathering in Paris to show our support for the recent uprising and protests in Iran. These protests are also driven mainly by the active participation of youth; calling for a regime change in Iran.

Many of us were either born in the States or left Iran as a child; therefore, we have neither seen nor have any recollection of our home country. However, it is our ambition to see a free Iran soon. Seeing many participants from our generation in the protests or frontline of a struggle against the dictatorship ruling Iran inspires us.

It encourages us to take advantage of the freedom and democracy we have in the United States to support and echo the demands of Iran’s youth and to enlighten the public opinion about the forward-looking goals of the regime-change movement and the role of the younger generation in it. Despite Iran having the youngest population in the Middle East region, many of them live below the poverty line, unable to attend school, unemployed, or imprisoned, tortured and even killed for their political or religious beliefs. In short, Iran’s youth are economically deprived and socially and politically oppressed which explains their strong and vigorous role in advancing the ongoing protests.

It is precisely in this context that we are going to attend the grand gathering to be held in Paris on June 30th, where more than 100,000 people, high-ranking dignitaries, and government officials from at least 150 states will attend. With our strong participation at this event –we will demonstrate our support for a #FreeIran. Display of such profound and enthusiastic solidarity is vital as the need for change – with oppression and economic misery, and Iran’s threats in the region rising – grows daily, and we are determined to be the voice of the youth, and convey their message to outside world.

Another major accomplishment we had in support of the Iranian people and the youth, was at the Iranian Americans National Convention on May 5th. Some of us spoke on stage about our thoughts for a future Iran. A future Iran with a democratic and pluralist government that supports freedom of speech, freedom of expression, women’s equality, and to build a nation that can be part of the international community, and a beacon of peaceful cooperation. A new Iran which will be free of weapons of mass-destruction, one that supports and nurtures a market economy. All the things we value in the United States and in western nations.

All indications point us to only one conclusion: regime change by Iranians is an absolute necessity and indeed within reach. More importantly, there is a viable alternative to mullahs, the National Council of Resistance of Iran, and we will be showing our support for it at the Paris event on June 30th.

This post was delivered to us by the great people behind @Voices_of_Iran  on Twitter

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