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The Warsaw Summit is Shaking the Iranian Regime to its very Core

The campaign is gaining grounds by the day and amidst the Warsaw Summit on peace and stability in the Middle East, the voices of the Iranian revolution are being heard loud and clear. Earlier, the dictatorial regime had announced it will stay away from the US-Polish Summit in Warsaw, raising eyebrows over Iran’s role in the instability of the war-torn region. Despite repeated efforts from the United States, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and other important regional players to resolve the ongoing conflict, Tehran is constantly doing something to make the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

The Summit started earlier today and as everyone expected, the freedom movement for Iran is visible right from the get-go. The social activists and oppressed Iranians have had enough of the dictatorship by Ayatollah Khomeini, saying that it is high time for a change of regime. The protests are taking place in Warsaw and the entire world is witnessing the chants of the oppressed Iranians. Former national football player, Bahram Mavadat also participated in the demonstrations which took place outside the main stadium in Warsaw, calling for the world leaders to take strict action against the regime and ensure its removal at the earliest.

Iran Resistance supporters marched in Warsaw to show their solidarity with the downtrodden Iranians, urging the world leaders to ensure a democratic republic in Iran by overthrowing Mullahs at the earliest. The rally gathered hundreds of supporters from across the globe to march before the summit which was to be attended by top officials from more than 60 countries.

While the US-led summit is expected to address a wide range of military and security-related issues in the Middle East however, Iran’s constant involvement in the Middle East’s instability and violating the nuclear deal has made it an elephant in the room which is the major reason why it decided not to attend the two-day event which started earlier today.

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani set the tone for the day when he addressed the protestors from the Mujahideen-e-Khalq (MEK) before the start of the summit. He said:

“Iran is the number one state sponsor of terrorism in the world. We should not be doing business with a regime that supports terror”. The Warsaw Summit should be focused on how we change Iran. How do we change their behavior against their people? The last two Free Iran conferences I attended, the regime tried to bomb them; the last one was in Paris. We believe the alternative to this regime is Madam Maryam Rajavi, and this organization, the MEK, is at the core of that movement. We want to see a non-nuclear Iran. A free Iran. So that the people of Iran can have their country back. We want to see a democratic Iran. A non-monarchy, non-mullah dictatorship.”

The protestors have also planned another rally in the capital later today.


Also, some breaking news today related to Iran’s anti-US activities can be found on these two tweets.

Earlier, the U.S. Secretary of State talked about confronting the Mullahs, saying that the US will not turn a blind eye towards oppressions in Iran.

Madam Maryam Rajavi’s message to the Anti-Iran supporters was to keep working hard until the day Iran wins its freedom from the Khomeini regime. She put forth the demands of the oppressed Iranians in an 8-point document.

“Our demand is simple and clear: Respect our people’s struggle against religious oppression and gender discrimination. This would not be any favor or concession to our nation. Rather, it would only end the long-time abuse of their rights facilitated through the West’s policy of appeasement.”

The highlights of the demands include the following:

  1. Blacklist Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS) and IRGC
  2. Expel Iranian intelligence service agents from Europe and the US
  3. Present before the UN Security Council the dossier of human rights violations in Iran
  4. Present before the International Criminal Court the dossier on the massacre of political prisoners in 1988
  5. UN to expel the Mullahs and recognize the Resistance representatives as the representatives of Iran
  6. End Iran’s religious fascism from Afghanistan, Lebanon, Yemen, Syria, and Iraq
  7. Push the Iraqi government to compensate for the base camps, properties and other equipment of the MEK and National Liberation Army
  8. ‘Recognize the right of the Iranian people’s just Resistance to overthrow the mullahs’ theocracy, the Iranian people’s right to achieve freedom and democracy, and the Iranian people’s right to establish a popular sovereignty’

According to the Iranian media reports, an Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) bus was attacked the same time protests erupted in Warsaw highlighting the oppression faced by the citizens of Iran. The initial reports claim the suicide attack to have killed around 30 guards. It may or may not be true, considering the propaganda on show by the mainstream media when it comes to hiding the heinous acts committed by Iran in the Middle East. Even if it’s true, it is very likely that the attack was a planned attempt to shift the focus towards the blast and not the real issue which is the change of regime in the country.

The summit is touted as the largest diplomatic gathering of President Trump’s administration in Poland and the presence of some of the closest allies of Washington. This will make it a meaningful meeting provided the sanctions on Iran are accepted by the allies such as France, Germany, and Britain.

In an unexpected turn of events, Russian President Vladimir Putin had called a summit of his own, inviting Turkey and Iran in Sochi on Thursday. It remains to be seen how it goes as it is deemed to be organized in response to President Trump’s summit in Warsaw.

Can you say “Projection” Mr Javad Zarif?

Not just the US and the Resistance supporters, but other world leaders like Israel have also urged the league of nations to unite against the Iranian regime and push for a regime change to alleviate the exploitation of innocent Iranians by the Mullahs. With the world united against the cruel regime, it is high time for a democratic solution to the problem. However, a democratic republic is the last thing Mullahs would want in Iran, don’t they?

Let us know what you think about the ongoing Warsaw Summit in the comments section.

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