The Truth About Al-Jazeera And Why We Really Think They Are Very Conspicuous!

Qatar has been under fire lately due to its suspected connections with the Islamic extremist Brotherhood which are being cemented as being the truth with each passing day. Al Jazeera Qatar’s news network has been under fire from all four Islamic states in the Gulf due to promoting extremism and aiding the extremist Brotherhood recruit more followers. But Qatar has taken a hard stance against these claims.

“The state of Qatar has been subjected to a campaign of lies that have reached the point of complete fabrication,” a statement said. “It reveals a hidden plan to undermine the state of Qatar.” Going over the brief history of Al-Jazeera more than a few incidents have occurred that implies that it truly is helping promote terrorist ideals and causing considerable harm while dressing itself up as a white new fighting for the truth.

The Truth About Al-Jazeera?

Despite Al Jazeera making a comeback in the Western cable news network, most of the Western population Still view Al-Jazeera as they were during the aftermath of 9/11. Al Jazeera provided network coverage for the leaders of the terrorist organization which included Osama Bin Laden. This does make it likely that Al Jazeera does indeed have ties with the terrorist organization which is why they could get in contact with Osama Bin Laden which is something even the FBI could not do. Gong over their activity it becomes evident that their ties to terrorists in Iran, to be more specific the Al-Qaida.

It doesn’t stop there either. Al-Jazeera has been well-known for aiding terrorist from Qatar and Iran find safe harbors as well as helping them recruit new members by using their power as News Media Outlet. Even while repeatedly claiming to be unbiased and advocates of the truth, Al-Jazeera has failed to report any of the rebellions and uprisings in Iran to paint it out as being at terms with their corrupt leadership.

Al-Jazeera is believed to promote the Muslim Brotherhood, Al-Qaeda, the Islamic State & other groups that carry out terrorist activities from the majority of the Gulf States. Al Jazeera has promoted its viewers to support armed terrorist activities as well as for garnering funds from such party’s. Al-Jazeera lies easily can be seen through after taking a look at their mode of operation. Al-Jazeera paints “jihad” as an act of violence sanction by Allah to fight those that don’t meet the standards of Islam. They have promoted this false narrative for years and continuously do so corrupting the beliefs and faith of young Muslims growing in the Gulf States.

For starters, in the Quran and the teachings of our prophet Mohammed SAW “Jihad” has never been simply meant as an act of violence. Nowhere in the Quran or Islam, in general, does it state that to carry out Jihad you have to kill or fight – unless the enemy is the first to attack. Al-Jazeera promotes the warped understanding of Jihad that Terrorists and extremists around the world follow to justify their actions.

Saudi Arabia has finally taken a hard stance against the radical new network to put an end to its terrorist propaganda for good. We’ll keep you updated on the matter as more information is made available.



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