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The State Of Racism In America

A LOT more has happened since the Charlottesville rally, notably that even after several weeks after the fact, people were still there. In the aftermath of the alt-right rally, there have been several more things that need to be discussed.

US President Donald Trump was criticized for claiming that “both sides” were responsible for the violence. However, to be fair, many members on both sides came armed with weapons. Buzzfeed reporter Blake Montgomery says the protesters were “carrying shields, protective gear, rods and, yes, lots of guns.” Meanwhile, Hunter Wallace from Occidental Dissent claims the counter-protesters were armed with “mace, pepper spray, bricks, sticks and foul liquids.” So both were armed and ready to go.

The counter-protesters also blocked off the streets, went into the face of the protesters, screamed at the protesters, and in some instances committed physical violence against the protesters. The counter-protesters started some of the fights as well. So yes, Trump is fully accurate when he says that both sides are at fault for the violence.

The most unsurprising thing is that protesters and counter-protesters are still there, several days after the fact. Counter-protesters are still in the face of even non-violent protesters, who have to be escorted away by the police for their own safety from protesters sneering “You can’t walk out on your own?” as a degrading remark that comes as an ironic display from a group that claims that simply having the protesters exist is violence and people must be protected from it.

Meanwhile, the left is not done causing mayhem. While many other states and cities are calling for the removal of their confederate monuments in the light of the recent violence and murder that took place, many on the left are not waiting for the law to take its course. Many spray-painted monuments like the Lincoln Memorial, while in Durham North Carolina, a group of angry leftists took it upon themselves to topple a Confederate statue, having it crash to the ground, ruined.

As a result of this, and the lack of police intervention during the process of tying a rope to the statue and the several minutes of pulling that ensued, many people have been arrested. The irony of at least one person who vandalized this property cried foul when police entered his home and searched the premises, damaging items in the process. If you can’t stand the heat…

North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper stated, “The racism and deadly violence in Charlottesville is unacceptable but there is a better way to remove these monuments.”

But all this begs the question: Why are these white supremacist groups growing in size? There is an easy answer, but an inconvenient one.

A survey done in early August titled A Psychological Profile of the Alt-Right surveyed a few hundred people, both alt-right and not, and noted various different traits. Many were obvious, such as members of the alt-right being more hostile and bigoted. However, one sentence stood out,

“They also tended to perceive their favored groups as less advantaged than their outgroups and adversaries, and saw discrimination against groups like Whites and men as more of a problem than that against groups like women and Blacks.”

The Alt-right feels oppressed and discriminated against. Why? Well, let’s ask them. The White Supremacists in Charlottesville chanted things like “you will not replace us.” Who, is “you?” Well, in many white nationalist circles, “Diversity is just code for anti-white.” Many jobs are hiring people based at least partly on Minority status, college admissions and SAT scores are lower for some races and higher for others in what is known as Affirmative Action.

According to the NAAWP (National Association for the Advancement of White People)”

“The NAACP promotes racial discrimination by seeking discriminatory policies against white people in employment, promotions, scholarships, and in college and union admittance, while the NAAWP seeks equal opportunity for all, with a preference for the hardest-working, most talented, and best-qualified … The NAAWP seeks greater racial understanding and goodwill by showing that when all things are considered, blacks have enjoyed far more benefits from whites than they have endured privation. American blacks have the highest standard of living, the greatest educational and employment opportunity, and by far the most democratic and civil rights of any blacks anywhere in the world.”

Other groups and individuals also claim that seeking to preserve white heritage and culture is just as important as seeking to preserve the black or Hispanic heritage and culture. Many are correct in feeling that expressing white pride is bad, but expressing black pride is encouraged. Many feel as if the constant and obvious attacks on white people harm their self-esteem, with conflicting saying like “there are no ugly black people” written side by side with “white people age like milk.”

Sociologist Mitch Berbrier stated in a review posted in 2000 of listening to many white supremacists, `

“This could be manifest as the argument that white supremacists are simply concerned with the survival of their people, and that if some on the fringe feel that urgent action is required as a result of dangers posed by sinister outside forces, that is understandable.”

This is not just a crafted argument, however, but a real belief. With the modern surge of whites constantly being considered the perpetrator of everything. Being mocked and ridiculed, and in many cases, shot to death for being white, such as in the cases of the Fresno shooting, the Facebook torture, the Dallas cop massacre, and the Virginia Snipers, this cements this in the minds of White Nationalists.

So to anyone with two brain cells to rub together, this should show that #PunchANazi and other acts of violence suggested or committed towards White Supremacists only makes their arguments stronger. They will use the Armenian Genocide and the current attack on white farmers in Zimbabwe, and the Zimbabwean president’s denial to prosecute the attackers, as proof of victimhood, and since these acts are vile, they have all the rights to. Laughing away their victimization, to them, is like a white guy laughing away the experiences of a black person.

By being violent towards white supremacists, you are giving them reason and an excuse, to remain victims. You can’t solve this with violence. By utilizing violence, you are only making it worse. Consider that.

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