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The Palestinian Cause: Ambiguity and Absurdity

UN resolutions were issued and various initiatives were presented by Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the United States and the European Union.

One would definitely feel astonished that the Palestinian-Israeli conflict is one of the longest conflicts in the world when lack of information prevails. Many countries have been making unremitting efforts to end the conflict but ended up in failure.  There’s no such cause that won consensus among Muslims around the world long enough, and yet the Palestinians failed to achieve their goals.

But when we ask the right questions, set the record straight with the right historical and contemporary context and gather evidences then it is no longer room for astonishing.

Almost all Muslims around the world believe in the justice of the Palestinian cause, but most of them made it a blind ideology, or they made it an integral part of the Islamic faith, while it is not.

The Palestinian cause was the cause of those who have no cause among Muslims, and it was the cause that has been exploited by every regime, party or government that failed to achieve development and could not provide realistic national project for its citizens.

Many regimes, such as the Iranian and the former Iraqi (Saddam Hussein), left parties and all extremist and terrorist groups throughout Muslims regions, believe that adopting the slogan of the Palestinian cause would provide sufficient legitimacy to overcome its miserable failure or to overcome ideological and security threat that they represent to the peoples and the region.

Well, many Palestinians have been using the cause for political and economic agenda which are not related to the Palestinian national cause, as many official and unofficial Palestinian bodies have considered the failure of peace to be a strategic policy in order to sustain the funds that they receive from international and regional powers.

Today we have a brilliant investigative journalist and a well-known researcher to shed light on forgotten sides in the history and reality of the Palestinian cause

The Saudi investigative journalist Mr. Hussein Al-Ghawi, who presents a regular YouTube show discussing many issues of terrorism and geopolitical transformations, shedded light on a forgotten side of this issue.

Al-Ghawi in the episode 16 of Jamrah, had presented intelligence documents, British and ancient Ottoman press documents showing that many of the wealthy Palestinian and Lebanese families that are at the forefront of the political and economic scene today were the families that sold the Palestinian lands to the coming Zionists through Through the vast facilities provided by the Ottomans. Journalist Hussein also showed correspondence and meetings have been hold by the leaders of the leaders of Zionist Organization with the Ottomans and Palestinian parties.

Jamrah presented information about the funding that was provided by Zionism to the Ottoman Sultan Abdul Hamid II and to the budget of the Ottoman Empire, in exchange for support for the purchase of Palestinian lands from the Palestinians.

On the other hand, the Saudi researcher Abdulaziz Al-Khames, on a tv show for SkyNewsArabia singled out an episode to review a meeting in the seventies was hold between a leader of the Vietnamese revolution General Phu Nguyen and the Palestinian leaders who were occupying Beirut at that time.

The late Yasser Arafat on a visit to Vietnam

Well, It is an astonishing irony that the Palestinians, who have been unable to achieve victory in their lands, were able to occupy the capital of another country and igniting a civil war.

Mr. AlKhames reviewed the dialogue that took place then. The Vietnamese General was taken aback by the flamboyant extravagance of those various Palestianian faction leaders, luxury German cars, Cuban cigars, uxurious Italian suits and extravagant French perfumes.

The Vietnamese general did not hesitate to say to the Palestinian leaders: “Your revolution will not win”.  He clarified when they asked why that “Revolution and wealth cannot coincide with one another”. The Vietnamese leader has understood what the Palestinian leaders could not realize or they simply had ignored.

Mr. Al-Khames stated that “the revolution that is not led by national consciousness, turns into terrorism. The revolution that is showered with funds, its leaders turn into thieves. The revolution that peddles its loyalties on the political sidewalks replaces the right of resistance with the void of politicization and extremist ideology”.

Mr. Al-Khames continued: “the resistance that moves with the push of a button by the funder and stops at the request of the funder, it is a resistance that does not care about the occupation and does not care about its cause or its people, as much as it focuses on fund”.

He added that “it’s a resistance that makes its living by exploiting said occupation, because the existence of the occupation means that the contract with the funders is still valid”.

Well .. many people around the world are not aware of the reality of this conflict and how it started and they do not have sufficient information of the circumstances surrounding today or before. Many Muslims who cry in vain for the Palestinian cause, surprisingly, glorify the defunct Ottoman occupation of the region that established the Zionist presence in Palestine.

Today, we are living in a situation in which the Palestinians voluntarily abandoned resistance, and decided that the military means are completely useless because of the circumstances that they themselves created.  There is no need for someone to shout out here or there to liberate Palestine, because he/she would have to confront the Palestinians themselves, not Israel.

Strong relations between the Turkish regime and Israel

Those regimes or parties that have been boasting and exploiting the Palestinian cause, they only fight and kill Muslims. Turkey was the first to recognize Israel 1949 in the so-called (Islamic world), and Iran that concluded secret military deal with Israel (Iran-Contra) that was exposed later.

The Palestinians already have recognized the Israeli state, explicitly or implicitly, through peace agreements and economic and political cooperation. It is over.

According to the international reality today, Israel is a nationally sovereign state recognized, as it is a member of the United Nations, enjoys self and international legitimacy and possesses broad and solid international alliances.

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