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The message of the National Fire Feast in Iran: Fire is the answer to fire

Spring and Nowruz are on the way. A few days before the New Year, we will celebrate the National Fire Festival. A celebration of the ancient Persian traditions, which has been welcoming of spring for many centuries. This celebration is a symbol for eliminating bad things. Thus, with good wishes for all Iranian people, we will be celebrating the New Year.

Background of “Chaharshanbeh Souri” or National Fire Festival

Sour means celebration, feast, and redness; a redness that is a sign of fire.

Our predecessors believed that the fire, as one of the four elements in nature, that is a cleaner and the only element that is not contaminated.

For this reason, when they jumped on the fire on “Fire Feast”, everyone was singing “My jaundice to you, your redness to me”.

The National Fire Feast has been held for many centuries on the night of the last Wednesday of the year, throughout Iran, attended by all the Iranian people, young and old, women and men, children and adults. Iranians believe that by burning the fire and burning the bushes and thorns, the space of the house will be purified from the evil creatures, and the devil and evil will be far from home.

A few days before the Nowruz, people called the “Fire Creators”, who was the messenger of the “Ahoori” on Fire Feast celebration, we’re going to all the cities and villages to prepare people for this ritual.

The celebration of “Chaharshanbeh Suri” is also interwoven with the religious culture and traditions of the Iranian people. It is said that the Mukhtar uprising for revenge of the martyrs of Karbala began on this day, with the celebration of Fire Feast in Kufa, whose inhabitants were more than Iranians.

The message of this year’s Fire Feast in Iran

In Iran’s history, Fire Festival, though it was held every year as a national celebration and for the joy and welcome of spring and Nowruz, but also has the message of the solidarity, alliance and the struggle against tyranny in the historical memory of the people of this land.

This year is the celebration of Fire Feast on the eve of spring, which will promote the spring of Iran’s liberation, and will be followed by the fiery uprising of the Iranian people in the last months, which is still ongoing.

During this uprising, the courageous youth of Iran, burned the signs of evil: They set fire to the images of Khamenei, and the centers of ignorance and deceit and oppression and, with the slogan of “Death on the principle of Velayat-e faqih”, and “Death to Khamenei”, announced to all over the country their message.

On the eve of “Fire Feast”, have raised thousands of rebellious hub, in all the cities of the country to prepare Iran for the blessing of this national feast and the uprising against the evil regime that has infected Iran and the Iranian people for 40 years.

This year “Chaharshanbeh Souri”, celebrated not only by the youths and the women of our homeland but also by all the great people of Iran. This is a celebration of fire for light and freedom for Iran.

An uprising that will destroy the black sovereignty of the Mullahs in a flaming and liberating fire. It will bring happiness and freedom to the people of Iran and throughout the region.

And this uprising will continue until the final victory and liberation of Iran.

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Saeed Azadi December 6, 2018 at 8:12 pm

Great! Thanks especially for the comic video! that was fantastic! mullahs are dancing! They will overthrow soon.

Melissa December 6, 2018 at 8:12 pm

I read this article. This article is great, and with the hope that friends will pay much attention to this article

Toward Freedom December 6, 2018 at 8:12 pm

I’m wating to see the new uprising in Iran, I think on Chaharshanbeh Souri or Fire Feast all of Iran will rising against criminal mullahs. Great job, thank you.


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