The Khashoggi Files

The Khashoggi Files: Is Saudi Arabia Being Forced into a Corner?

A trending topic that has been circulating around in the news for a long time now is the mysterious disappearance of the Saudi Journalist Jamal Khashoggi. While convincing evidence hasn’t been found up till now but the major concerned parties are playing the blame game and pointing unjustified fingers at Saudi Arabia. Some say he has been kidnapped, some say he is being tortured and some say he has been killed and disposed of. What’s common in all those claims is that the Kingdom is portrayed as the culprit.

The recent reports suggest that the journalist died in a brawl which resulted in his death at the consulate.

Khashoggi Has Died and so has Free Speech on Social Media!

What’s all the fuss about?

The story began when the renowned Saudi critic Jamal Khashoggi visited the country’s consulate in Istanbul on October the 2nd. The stated purpose of this visit was to retrieve a document of divorce so that he could marry her fiancée, allegedly. It has been more than two weeks now that since and nor him or any remnants of him have been found. This incident incited an uproar around the globe and everyone is giving opinions about it. The flagship picture that the western media and Turkish authorities are trying to paint that the incident was a preplanned cold-blooded murder that was executed by Saudi agents on this unfortunate day. But the supporting evidence to their claim is nowhere to be found and most of these stories are based on rumors and lies. In the Islamic faith, a man can marry up to 4 women, so why would Mr. Khashoggi take the trouble of divorcing his wife and marry this mysterious woman, which the media so shamelessly reports.

Recent discoveries

The media claims that the intelligence agency has acquired video evidence and recordings of the alleged murder that took place inside the Saudi consulate on 2nd October in Istanbul. The evidence has been documented and could be used to justify the claim against the Kingdom. According to the media, an assault took place inside the consulate. The alleged 15-men group entered the building and took out Mr. Khashoggi. Claims have been made about the presence of noises of struggle, crying and screaming on the recordings that suggest that the controversial journalist was indeed killed. A so-called authentic Turkish source states that the voices of interrogation, torturing and killing can be heard too. Some suggest that the censorable scenes of cutting the finger of the victim were also recorded while some Turkish reporters suggest that the full video of the murder has been captured. But when asked about the video evidence what does the western media do? They hide behind the CCTV footage of Jamal Khashoggi entering the Saudi Consulate. I mean, Seriously?

Western media releases 15-man shortlist

The western media has gone so far to release a 15-man hitlist of the Saudi nationals that formed the alleged armed group responsible for the murder. According to Turkish reports, these suspected personals showed questionable movements around the time that Mr. Khashoggi disappeared. A majority of these men flew into the city on two private jets for unknown reasons a few hours before Jamal Khashoggi visited the consulate to collect his documents. And after a few hours of the incident, these men went back to Riyadh on the same aircraft. The government accuses these men to be Saudi officials and intelligence officers that carried out this infamous task of murdering the journalist.

This questionable list is available online to the public and is considered as a so-called landmark discovery by the Turkish government. The reservations on this move by the government are tremendous. First of all, why weren’t the ‘efficient’ intelligence agencies of Turkey able to track the movements of these alleged assassins. Second, there is a major chance that at least most of these people have nothing to do with the incident, and theirs and the life of their families will be destroyed by the stance of western media to portray them as killers publicly. Third, the airport security has confirmed that the alleged men were not carrying controversial, dangerous or illegal materials or items.

Belgrad forest search reveals new findings

The western media reported of a research conducted by the city police in the Belgrad forest, near the city of Yalova. The operation was made when rumors emerged that the body of Mr. Khashoggi was buried in the forest after the alleged murder by the Saudi team. The suspicious movements of the Saudi officials forced the government to take this action. And what was found? Absolutely nothing! The whole activity was just a show to hide the real facts, that they have nothing against the Kingdom.


There is never a dispute about the global and economic impact of Saudi Arabia. The recent wave created by the western media is aimed to destabilize the Kingdom and tarnish its image. Much of this disparagement is due to the country’s healthy relationship with the United States of America. Now the fake stipulations surrounding the journalist’s disappearance is starting to impact the economic initiatives of the country. The commitment between Saudi Arabia and business tycoon Sir Richard Branson to bring $1bn investment into the country has suffered a setback. Mr. Richard has decided to suspend any investments for now following the Khashoggi issue. In addition to this, several other business firms have pulled out of the conference in the Kingdom scheduled for later in the area.

However, America continues to honor its agreements as a statement by the US Treasury Ministry confirms the presence of US in the conference, despite severe pressure on President Donald Trump to pull out of it. How long this commitment stands remains to be seen, however Saudi Arabia and the United States of America have expressed great desire to get to the bottom of the incidents and punish the real culprits of the disappearance.

Contrast in Western media’s approach towards Saudi Arabia and Turkey

The western media is putting the whole blame on the Kingdom without recognizing their own incompetency. Prince Muhammad Bin Salman has categorially denied all allegations and continues to offer his services to Istanbul. If the assassination really happened by the hands of Saudi officers than there are a lot of questions to be asked. How can an operation of such magnitude can be completed in broad daylight without anyone noticing in such a short time? Why is Istanbul constantly avoiding support from the Saudi government to investigate the issue? Some reports suggest that the Turkish law enforcement agencies have failed to bring the complete evidence to light. They suggest a CCTV video showing Mr. Khashoggi leaving the consulate. But none of it has been reported in the media and why is that?

A dangerous propaganda

The demonstration of impartial journalism has become a rare thing now, as the western media have stooped so low to frame the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. They are trying to become the judge and jury, when all they should have done is deliver news and facts as they are. A perfect example is the news reported by HuffPost where they suggested that the Twitter had to ban a number of Pro-Saudi accounts who shared news about the disappearance of Mr. Khashoggi in favor of the Kingdom. This totally a fake and twisted news, as Twitter has been very sensitive about this issue and has banned a number of accounts Why it did so is completely unknown. The talk of freedom of speech and expression and then banning accounts who point out the facts instead of fake news like the media is propagating…these are the double standards of not just the mainstream media but the social media giants like Twitter as well. Even Herald Report’s Editor in Chief and major contributors’ Twitter accounts with hundreds of thousands of followers were suspended by Twitter for sharing an expose of the Jamal Khashoggi Saga. If this is what happens for seeking truth and sharing news based on facts, then the world needs to find new, better platforms for sharing their findings. Banning of these accounts speaks for the efforts of different media giants and social media platforms to hide the truth.

The Propaganda-Mafia against Saudi Arabia & the Disappearance of JAMAL KHASHOGGI

But the western media again as usual twisted the news against the Kingdom to promote their own sick agenda.

As the Russian president Vladimir Putin says that those who think there is a murder should present evidence, and none of it has been made available so far, and yet some news channels have starting branding Saudi Arabia as a terrorist state. The incident happened on Turkish soil, it is the responsibility of the state to protect its residents, where were the coveted intelligence agencies when this happened. The western media is not questioning the involvement of the Turkish government and their striking incompetency. Even Qatar which some reports suggest had a role in this too is nowhere to be find in any of the news articles. It is a preplanned agenda to create a public opinion, and put pressure on the Kingdom into submitting. However, Saudi Arabia stands firmly on its views and is willing to assist with anything in the investigation.

Pakistan and many other countries around the world promised to stand with Saudi Arabia

Despite the propaganda created by the western media, Pakistan has decided to stick to its long-term ally Saudi Arabia, as the country’s prime minister announced of attending the illustrious financial conference in the Kingdom. The decision is based on the merits of the issue and there has been absolutely no convincing evidence that points to Saudi Arabia’s involvement. This was not reported in any of the western media, which clearly indicates the ill agenda of the media towards the Kingdom.

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