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The Khashoggi Case & the Midterm Election: Are they Related?

President Trump’s close alliance with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the efforts to patch up the previously deteriorating relationship with Russia are not sitting well with the Democrats. The United States’ stance against North Korea and Iran – for their nuclear programs – has been the strongest in the past decade or so, the trades are hitting an all-time high, job creation and economy has prospered big time and the guarding of boundary walls with Mexico to prevent cartels and drug mafias, President Trump has been on point ever since resuming the President office in 2016 after a clear victory in the Presidential polls.

While the Democrats have been waiting for any weakling and pounce upon it, the Jamal Khashoggi saga has provided them with one. President Trump’s support for the Kingdom has been evident from day 1 – which indeed was the need of the hour – and the leftist media groups and anti-KSA countries including Qatar, Turkey and Iran have pounced on the slightest of opportunities to play the blame game and force the Kingdom into a corner. While the anti-MBS groups have utilized the matter to their advantage, the Democrats have also personified the phrase ‘Make hay while the sun shines’.

Clearly, Muhammad Bin Salman’s visionary leadership and particularly the Vision 2030 to shift from oil dependence makes it difficult for the anti-MBS groups to execute their plans in the Middle East. Iran’s increased interests in Yemen for sponsoring Houthis against the Hadi regime and Qatar’s support for Iran do not bode well for the peace in the region and MBS’s efforts to curb the terror financing are hard to grasp for the anti-KSA countries. The use of media groups to support your narrative has been an established fact and one such media group ‘Al-Jazeera’ is especially known for its efforts to malign the Kingdom with its propaganda. The most recent example is Khashoggi’s disappearance.

Davos in the Desert: Saudi Arabia’s Knockout Punch to Fake News Media!

The leftist American media groups haven’t stayed behind in labeling the Kingdom as a terrorist country without even realizing the importance of the bond President Trump has worked for in the past two years. With elections well under way, the Democrats are trying their best to deprive President Trump of a level playing field for the polls. Having said that, President Trump’s position, despite a lot of assumptions and speculations, is stronger than ever. President Trump promised to make America great again, and he delivered on his promises. With a huge population of America at his back and his 2-years hard work speaking for his struggles to rise above the blame game and actually do something for the country, President Trump remains to be a favorite contender to help his party bag the victory with an impressive margin.

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