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The Iranian Community in Belgium asks for Justice Regarding the Iranian Diplomat Terrorist

On 30 June 2018, NCRI held its yearly gathering in the suburb of Paris called Villepinte. A hundred thousands of Iranians gathered from all around the world to express their solidarity with the Iranian resistance and to show their support for regime change in Iran. This gathering was held with the presence of hundreds of personalities from five continents, including Rudy Giuliani the attorney of Donald J. Trump, the president of the United States. Newt Gingrich, former speaker of the united states house of representatives, Bernard Kouchner, former minister of foreign affairs in France, Ingrid Betancourt, the ex-candidate for the presidential election in Colombia, and many other delegations from Europe, middle east, and Africa.

When all the participants were focused on the program and speeches, an Iranian regime diplomat was arrested in Berlin. On the same day, the arrestment of an Iranian couple in Brussels and another terrorist in France became the breaking news in most of the European, especially Belgian, news channels. But those who were shocked more than any other person in Europe, were the people who participated in that gathering, understanding they were the targets of that foiled terror attack.

Following the news during that period, after a month of efforts of the Iranian regime to return its diplomat terrorist to Iran by his amenity, finally, Germany extradited the diplomat terrorist to Belgium where two other terrorists were arrested, already confessed that they received the bomb from Assadollah Asadi, the arrested Iranian diplomat in Berlin.

Now it has been more than a year that the Iranian diplomat terrorist is in Belgium. Meanwhile, NCRI, the national council of resistance of Iran, held two press conferences in Brussels revealing the relationships between the Iranian diplomat terrorist with the ministry of intelligence of Iran. Recently, the US treasury department sanctioned the ministry of intelligence of Iran (MOIS) due to its activities for human right violations. Still, it seems Europe is walking behind and after a year of keeping the Iranian diplomat in detention, there has not been a trial to bring the criminals to justice.

The Iranian community in Belgium asks for justice in order to reinforce the security of the European residence and to put more pressure on the Iranian regime to behave like a normal state and stop its destabilizing activities all around the world.

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