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The Brutal Tragedy of Myanmar

            (A forgotten tragedy)

The brutal history of Myanmar cannot be ignored, as if it is trying to hide, but will always re-emerge so vividly. in the last couple of years, this area of the world has always been in the news and was depicted as a place of violence which is very much true I might add. However, the media has proved to be very shy on the subject and so the coverage has been few and far between.

These past few years, however, the scenario was something constructive and pivotal because of the elections they had which brought with it lots of optimism. This was a historical event because in last 25 years no truly free election has been available.  This is the only free and fair election which eventually attained high turnout. Approximately 30 million people were eligible and having rights to vote.  90 Parties with 6000 members participated in this election. Formerly, the ruling Government constituted by the assistance of the military, but now NLD (National League of Democracy) is evolving with its strong candidate Mrs. Aung San Su and stern mandate. Masses were seen highly fresh and happy. Not even a single person was seen without a smile. Some senior citizens reported that they are casting their vote for the first time because they are watching the change.

But, unfortunately, it was just too good to be true and the Rohingya are suffering once more!

Well, the world is finally taking notice of this matter and even the people of Grozny who suffered greatly in previous years have taken a stand in their Russian controlled land!

Some World leaders actually took a stand on the subject as well and President Erdogan proved to be a very loud voice for those people suffering in a distant land.




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Sajawal Rehman

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