Terms and Conditions


Terms and Conditions

Welcome to Herald Reporter, where we provide you the news that matter. The below-mentioned terms constitute the legal agreement between you and Herald Reporter for using this website. Note that the company, we, website, etc. all refer to Herald Reporter in the terms and conditions. Make sure that you take time out to read these terms before using our website. We hold the right to change our terms whenever needed, however, the date of the last update will be mentioned at the top of the page. The terms for using Herald Reporter are as under:

  • To use the website, you agree to abide by all the terms and conditions mentioned here. If you don’t agree to any of the terms, you are requested to leave the website.
  • The materials posted on our website are solely our own views strengthened by established facts and references are provided along with each article. You can disagree with our opinion however, you cannot take any legal action as all the content is provided with suitable references.
  • There may be additional terms for some services, without accepting which, you cannot get access to some portions of the website. We hold the right to limit some portions of the website to some users, if need be.
  • Herald Reporter uses Cookies for providing a better user experience, using your preferences and search patterns. By using the site, you agree to allow the use of cookies. Additionally, we ask whether you agree to allow the use of cookies when you visit our website. To learn more about cookies, follow this link.
  • Herald Reporter encourages participation on the site, however, we may reserve some portions of the site for registered users only.
  • For subscription to the website via email, we ask your email address to keep you updated about the latest news as per your preferences. Your information is protected by our Privacy Policy Agreement.
  • The site can be taken down for maintenance or any other reason without any prior notice. We reserve the right to provide personalized content suited to your needs.
  • All the materials posted on the website, videos, written content, images etc. are the intellectual property of Herald Reporter and is protected by copyrights act under the US law. You cannot reproduce, duplicate or republish any material in any way. The only way you can use the materials posted on our website is to seek written permission from Herald Reporter. You agree to use this only for non-commercial purposes, otherwise strict legal action will be taken against you.
  • Any contribution to Herald Reporter in any form can be used by Herald Reporter, either after modification or using it as it is for editorial purposes. We also hold the right to share your work submitted to us with other news agencies or third parties. We may post the content with your name or anonymously anywhere on our website or any other website. You will have the copyrights for your content and you can use it elsewhere as well. It must be ensured that it is your own work, and must not be plagiarized or stolen work, prior to submission.
  • Posting nudity, vulgar, obscene, explicit or abusive content anywhere on our website is strictly prohibited. We hold the right to take your comments down without any notice if it violates our terms and conditions. Participating with Herald Reporter community, whether on website or social media, you agree to follow these terms and conditions.
  • Attempts to break into our system or servers through hacking, logic bombs, viruses or any other potentially harmful software will be dealt with severely and the matter will be reported to Cyber Crime wings of the law enforcement agencies.
  • Users under 18 years’ age are not allowed to visit our website unless they seek permission from their parents or guardians prior to visiting Herald Reporter.
  • There may be third party links or ads on our website. You agree that you do not have any issue with these. In addition, we are not responsible for the content posted on these third-party websites. We post these links for your own convenience, however before opting to visit their website, read their terms of use as they are separate entities and have nothing to do with Herald Reporter.
  • Your data is safe with us however, if due to some unknown reasons the systems are down and we lose our data, we will not be responsible. We try our best to ensure that your data is safe with us.
  • You agree to indemnify Herald Reporter in case of any third-party claim. We hold no liability for the accuracy of the information, data protection or any other claim in any case. We try our best to provide accurate information and news however, mistakes can happen and our news are on ‘as is’ and ‘as available’ basis.
  • All these terms and conditions are in accordance with the United States Laws and any breach or violation will be dealt legally. Note that in case of any violation, the matters will be resolved as per the US laws and not the laws of the country of your residence. You must make sure that you file your complaints as per the US laws.
  • You agree to resolve any issue by mutual consent, if not settled, the issue can be taken to a third-party arbitrator.


If you have any ambiguity or any suggestion, contact our team here at help@heraldreporter.com. We welcome your feedback and would love to consider your responses for an improved user experience. Note that these terms and conditions are for your own convenience. These terms keep you safe as well as us from any violation or breach. Your cooperation will be highly appreciated.

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