Syrian Conflict – The Friends and Foes of the Syrian People

Seven years have passed since the Syrian conflict started, yet there just does not seem an easy way out. Many children have died, hundreds of thousands are still wandering looking for refuge, yet the world is busy solving its own issues with corruption and deep state problems. This humanitarian issue is arguably the worst since the end of World War 2. A Tsunami came and went, the Haiti Earthquake has gone with the wind, Hurricane Katarina caused destruction, but not a single hazard or humanitarian crisis has had more severe effects on people than the Syrian Civil War.

Of course, this does not imply that these calamities were easy to face, but the scale of destruction and chaos these led to was marginal when you compare them with the Syrian conflict. Talking about stats and figures, the Syrian conflict has affected more than twice that of Indian Ocean Tsunami and almost four times than that of Haiti Earthquake. 12 million is the number of people that have faced a life-threatening situation in Syria and the number is not stopping anytime time soon. The death toll is still mounting, the number of people fleeing Syria for the safety of themselves and their children is ever increasing.

What is the role of the other countries in the conflict? Who backs whom? Who wants the war to end and who does not? These are the questions that need a lot of answering. Let the stats do the talking as my words might not be as effective as the stats may be. I can be biased and give my opinion but I should rely on the stats rather than my own viewpoint.

According to UNHCR, there are more than 16 million Syrians waiting for assistance from various countries whereas around 4 million have fled to neighboring countries in search of asylum. These four million have found refuge in Turkey, Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon, and Egypt. Iraq has already been suffering from armed conflict but still doing its best to provide asylum to refugees from the war-torn country. 2.5 million Refugees have been accepted by the Saudi government since the start of the conflict.

Although Russia’s aim is to be targeting only the extremist group ISIS, many civilians were affected as well. In fact, all coalition forces who target ISIS have harmed civilians due to these terror groups usage of human shields. President Vladimir Putin ordered air strikes in the Middle East in an attempt to wipe out extremist groups in general. He has done this in the past and as a result, many Muslims and other ethnicities are living peacefully in Russia and it’s former Soviet Union territories.

Religious Tolerance and the Muslim Community in Russia, a Peaceful Coexistence

However, the main differentiating factor in the Syrian situation is Iran. In fact, this is nothing but Deja Vu for the Middle East because, in Iraq, the same thing happened with Iranian influence and Obama’s collusion with the Mullahs of Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood which has branches in Qatar and Turkey.


In Iraq millions, if people were affected by the Bush administration because they failed to contain Iran and keep them out of Iraq. The USA and Russia have made the exact same mistake in two neighboring countries. Have they learned? Yes, the Helsinki summit has proved to be a turning point in history.

Historic Bilateral Press Conference Between President Trump and President Putin at the Helsinki Summit

Now the last pillar of this dilemma is the media. The mainstream media has proved once and for all that they are merely puppets for a corrupt deep state with roots in the United States and Europe. They care not for peace and instability of the region or even the world. They even disrespected the president of the United States of America in front of his own wife and child as well as in front of President Vladimir Putin and the whole world by asking about alleged humiliating material for President Trump.

How The American News Media Embarrassed Themselves and Their President in Front of president Putin and the World at the Helsinki Summit

Any regular joe who would have been subjected to this craziness would have understandably gone berserk and caused harm to these fake journalists who lack professionalism and basic human dignity and respect.

But President Trump has risen above this nonsense and showed class and honor by keeping his cool and reminding the world about the real conspiracies happening behind the scenes. Indeed, Fake News Media days are numbered because the whole world has seen them as nothing but frauds.

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