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Sword art online review

Sword Art Online ” SAO ” (season 1) is an anime about a virtual reality game and thousands of people are trapped in it they can’t log out, so they basically have to live in that virtual reality world until someone beats the game.

The reason Sword art online is an anime that most people hate is because of how good it was in the beginning but then it takes a negative turn to the worst.  Unfortunately, this is what kept the show from becoming a true classic.  So in essence, we can easily divide the first season of Sword art online into two main parts. The first part which can be described as the spectacular part, and the second part as the inferior/godawful part.

Sounds like a good story doesn’t it? For the first part of the season everything was good and sound, however the second part was a complete disaster. I honestly just watched the second part just so I can say “oh I watched sword art online” I mean I was watching while playing on my phone, I don’t do that sort of thing usually but I don’t know what would have happened if I didn’t. That’s just how bad the second part was.

In this review I am going to talk a lot about the first part mainly because like I said I didn’t focus when I was watching the second part.

The romance in sword art online was adorable, but what they could have done was remove the incest part, I mean that’s just plain weird to me I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to watch a sister falling for her brother. But the Asuna and Kirito relationship was pretty solid in my opinion. It added a little something in the anime, I mean they were both trapped in a virtual reality game it must be boring without these kind of stuff

I am not going to talk much about the action in sword art online mainly because it doesn’t need any mentioning it was amazing, and in each fight there was this something that adds a little drama for example I remember one of the fights Kirito lost a comrade and it was rather sad and the guilt remained with him till season 2 because he couldn’t remember the name of the person that died (if I remember correctly)

Voice actors, everyone had a good voice overall, but what I couldn’t get used to was Kirito’s voice, it just didn’t fit him in my opinion. Now I am not saying he had a terrible voice no he had a very nice voice but just didn’t fit the character in my humble opinion. One of the characters that had a fitting voice in contrast to Kirito’s was Heathcliff, a very soothing voice and fit the character he was playing very nicely. Another character with a fitting voice would be Klein honestly has one of my favorite voices in anime and I think it’s the same voice as Sanji from one piece I am not sure though, kind of has that middle aged man-feel in his voice I just absolutely love it.

The studio that worked on Sword art online is called “A-1 pictures”. The same studio that worked on Fairy tail, black butler and other popular anime as listed

in this wiki article( its honestly quite frustrating to see a studio that worked on a lot of amazing and well renowned anime to actually work on something like sword art online

One of the good aspects of Sword Art Online are the soundtracks. ( Definitely one of the best soundtracks in the anime, its calm it makes you feel like you’re there with them enjoying the MMO feel and life

( kind of action based soundtrack, sort of exciting and makes you think something epic is about to happen. That’s honestly what I get from hearing it, I could 100% be wrong I am not an expert on music but that’s the kind of feeling I get when I hear it. If you want a complete set of the soundtracks you can just go to YouTube and help yourself. I just linked my two most favorite soundtracks of the anime, if you have something different make sure to post it down below and I’ll give you my feedback if I have one. On a side note I like the picture in the second video, I am considering making it my wallpaper.

All in all, don’t watch the second part of the first season of “sword art online” You’re not going to miss anything believe me the first part is what counts and if you already watched the second part like me then may god reward us for our troubles. Finally my rating for sword art online is 7/10 and if there wasn’t a second part, if they just ended the season with only the first part I might have considered rating it 9/10 if not 10/10. If you like action with a bit of romance then I would definitely recommend watching sword art online, but don’t expect anything amazing beyond the first part of the season.


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