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Support and Join the “Free Iran March” in Berlin, on July 6, 2019

By Masoud Dalvand

The great Iranian march in Berlin will be held on Saturday, July 6th. The rally after two major rallies in recent weeks in Brussels and Washington DC, attended by thousands of Iranians, this time in Germany and the city of Berlin, will echo the voice of the Iranian people to the world.

This rally will be in solidarity with the Iranian Resistance(NCRI/MEK), uprising and regime change by the Iranian people to establish democracy and freedom in Iran.

By supporting the organized resistance of the National Council of Resistance of Iran(NCRI) and the PMOI/MEK, Iranians are telling the world that there is a democratic alternative to replacing the religious dictatorship in Iran. This alternative, under the leadership of Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, presents her platform for the future of Iran. A future that comes with freedom, human rights, democracy, and justice in Iran and peace and stability in the Middle East.

Therefore, we invite you to support this alternative, led by Maryam Rajavi. Take part in the grand march in Berlin and announce your support.

If you want the people of Iran to be forever free of a religious dictatorship. If you want the Middle East to relax forever from the threats of the mullahs in the field of missile, nuclear, terrorism and meddling in other countries’ internal affairs; Answer the call of the Iranian people and support the Iranian march in Berlin.

Join us:

Date: 6th July Berlin Germany We hope you can all be there and support this important event.



For Live Stream of this Historic Event Please Click Down Here:

Live Stream – Free Iran Rally in Berlin, in Solidarity with the Iranian Resistance and People’s Uprising.

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