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Iran Activism

Solidarity March for a Free Iran on 6 July 2019 in Berlin

A mass rally on 6 July 2019 in Berlin

The conflict in Iran is intensifying by the week and the tensions between the United States
of America and the Islamic Republic of Iran increase steadily. The US sanctions have
crippled the Iranian economy and the Ayatollahs in Tehran seem to have no way out. New
sanctions against the clerical leader of the regime and the head of state, Ali Khamenei have
been put in place by the US and Khamenei continues to strictly reject negotiations with
the US and as Washington and Tehran rattle their sabers, dissatisfaction within the
Iranian people grows and the resulting protests make the situation even more difficult to
handle for the Iranian regime. The fear of mass protests is immense, such as those during
the new years of 2018, which shook the regime to its very foundations.

The human rights situation in Iran has always been precarious, and the regime continues
to silence the voices who criticize the government by torture and executing political
dissidents and seeks to intimidate its own population. The state apparatus is trying to
prevent further protests against the state. The mass protests of 2009 and 2017/2018 have
shown the Ayatollahs that they can only hold on to power by using brute force.

Over and over the Iranian regime has shocked the global public through detentions of
human rights activists such as the human rights lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh who, according
to Amnesty International, has been sentenced to 38 years in prison and 148 lashes for
peacefully campaigning for human rights in Iran. Three months ago, Iran’s minister of
intelligence Mahmoud Alavi surprisingly announced that 116 opposition activists had
been arrested during the nationwide civil protests. Until then the regime had not
mentioned any presence of resistance in the country. Furthermore, Reporters Without
Borders name Iran the most hostile country against journalists worldwide. Protests by
students and citizens, especially during and after the recent months’ floods have been
brutally suppressed by the regime.

The current situation in Iran is an outcry and an urgent appeal to the outside world: as a
result of the nuclear deal, the world is silent about the absolute human rights catastrophe
in Iran. The appeasement policy of recent years had made the US and Europe hesitant
when it comes to criticizing the massive and systematic human rights violations
happening in Iran.

For this reason, the “Exile Iranian Society in Berlin e.V.” and the “German Solidarity
Committee for a Free Iran”, have organized a mass rally on 6 July in Berlin and thousands
of supporters of the Iranian Resistance are expected to attend this rally. Similar events
took place on 15 June in Brussels and 21 June in Washington DC and this is anticipated to
be the largest one. Among the German-Iranians who arrive from all over Germany are
many people whose relatives were executed by the Iranian regime or who are relatives of
people who are political prisoners, people whose lives are in danger. They are the voice
of the suppressed Iranian people and the political prisoners. They call for an end to the
death penalty in Iran, an end to the European Union’s appeasement policy and the call for
a regime change by the Iranian people; towards free and democratic elections. No war, no

There is an additional way for the future of Iran and they are attending to demonstrate
that a regime change does not and will not result in a civil war, as there is a democratic
alternative to the current regime. Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the National
Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI for short), has presented a ten-point plan for a future
free Iran. It includes: after a fall of the current regime, there will be free elections, the
death penalty will be banned, religion and state are separated from each other, and
tomorrow’s Iran ought to be nuclear-free. These are goals and intentions which every
Western state is looking for. There is a third way between war and appeasement.
                                      Democratic change by the Iranian people.



Live Stream – Free Iran Rally in Berlin, in Solidarity with the Iranian Resistance and People’s Uprising.

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