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Soleimani is Iran’s de facto FM: Brian Hook

Washington considers the Qods Force commander Iran’s actual foreign minister…The UK prepares to punish him and Khamenei wishes him martyrdom.

The special representatives for the Iranian affairs in the US state department Brian Hook said that the Qods Force commander Major Gen. Qassem Soleimani is the real foreign minister of Iran.

The BBC has aired a documentary accusing Soleimani of being behind the death of 179 British troopers at their bases in Basra near the Iranian border.

In staggering comments, the supreme leader of Iran Ali Khamenei wished martyrdom for Soleimani.

Hook indicated that the Islamic Republic of Iran is working to entirely wrest control over Iraq, turning it into one of its provinces. He added Tehran is serious in establishing a military road linking the northern part of the Middle East with West Asia in order to transfer fighters, weapons, and missiles.

He also blasted the visit of Iranian president Hassan Rouhani to Iraq, saying the latter failed to serve his people. Therefore, how come Rouhani and the Iranian regime will pay attention to the Iraqi interests?

He said that Washington will impose more sanction on Tehran, adding the US slapped unprecedented sanctions on the Islamic republic. He noted the severe sanctions are just the beginning, and more of it will be imposed.

He also touched on the visit of the Syrian president to Tehran. He said that the visit showed that the real foreign minister of Iran is Qassem Soleimani, not Javad Zarif, noting that the commander of Qods Force outlines the foreign policy of the country, and Zarif only executes these policies.

In the same context, the BBC aired a documentary featuring Soleimani’s role in Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon in recent years. The documentary brought about documents and proofs condemning Iraqi militias backed by the Qods Force. They killed at least 179 British troopers in a base in Basra.

The BBC claimed that Qassem Soleimani planned the operations of killing the British soldiers.

For its part, the Daily Express newspaper said British figures seek to file lawsuits against Soleimani after the BBC aired the documentary.

In comments that left analysts and commentators focusing on the Iranian affairs stunned, the supreme leader Ali Khamenei wished martyrdom for the commander of Qods Force due to the massive sacrifices he made for the sake of the revolution.

According to Fars news agency affiliated with the IRGC, Khamenei said, as he awarded Zulfeqar order to Soleimani, the affairs of changing the way of gratitude, verbally or practically through awarding orders and decorations could be measured on the worldly scales, but they are nothing on the heavenly and moral measures.

“Praise be to God. You all sought to achieve victory. Praise be to God Almighty as He rendered our dear brother Soleimani victorious. He put his life at stake in the face of the enemies’ attacks. He exerted efforts for the cause of God, depending on God and in full sincerity to God.”

The supreme leader asserted that God will award Soleimani and will grant him a happy life and martyrdom will be his award.

“Of course, not now, since the Islamic Republic needs him the years to come. But if God wills, you will be granted martyrdom. God bless you.”

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