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Why Mohamed Bin Salman Should Be Welcomed With Open Arms In The United Kingdom & The United States

Saudi Arabia is going through a massive change both economically and socially which is all mostly thanks to Mohammed bin Salman. Since Mohammed bin Salman came to power he has made exceptional efforts to make his kingdom not only more prosperous but also open-minded and his policies have already shown their effects.

To introduce himself to other leaders of the world, Mohammed bin Salman will be visiting the USA and UK along with other countries as a sign of goodwill and further improve relation but more than a few news outlets have made their responsibility to spread fake propaganda against him in order to prevent him from strengthening ties with other nations.

The Saudi crown prince, as part of his travel, is set to meet senior royals on a visit to London this month to officially represent himself as Saudi Arabia’s new ruler that is modernizing the country at an exceptionally fast pace.

The UK and Saudi Arabia have been collaborating with one another for years and this trip was to further deepen the ties of what is now a much more progressive and economical developing Saudi Kingdom which would have benefited for the UK and Saudi Arabia. But that is not the only thing on his mind. The prince also plans to face and experience British protests over Saudi Arabia’s human rights record and its conduct in the three-year Yemen civil war.

For the prince, it will the first of his travels outside his kingdom since the start of an anti-corruption campaign on 4 November in 2015 that saw hundreds of Saudi potentates and businessmen arrested in the Ritz Carlton hotel on “corruption charges” that resulted in a massive sum of $100 billion to be confiscated to be used for the Kingdom which also encouraged investors to start investing in the country again at a rapid pace.

Naturally, the back-minded and biased Western Media outlets that would rather use rage marketing and the people’s lack of knowledge to drive more click to their site use this opportunity to garner as much attention as possible. Media outlets just couldn’t get over their personal bias and the possibility of profiting off their peoples fear of anything that has to do with Islam or the Muslim kingdom which resulted in protests fueled by baseless and unproven information being spread by news outlets.

Many groups in the UK including the Stop the War coalition, the Campaign Against Arms Trade, and the Arab Human Rights Organization, published an open letter in January that falsely accused the Saudi Prince of the casualties that resulted in Yemen and further put the blame on him for deepening the humanitarian crisis in the war-torn country.


This is not only inaccurate but also paints Mohammed bin Salman in an extremely negative way which he has proven time and time again to be the exact opposite of. What many so-called news outlets fail to mention is that the situation in Yemen is a direct result of Iran interfering with the area by providing hostile rebels with not only weapons but missiles that were the main cause of all the fatalities along with the suffering of countless children.

In an interview with the Saudi-owned al-Arabiya television channel this week, Boris Johnson stressed the UK’s links with Saudi Arabia along with other Gulf countries and talked about relationships with the crown prince. “The relationship between Britain and Saudi Arabia is historic. It’s more than 100 years old. It’s an extraordinary partnership. It’s a partnership based on a common view of the world in many ways, not every way, but in many ways.”

He added: “Reform in Saudi Arabia, the custodian of the holy places, will be a change in the whole Islamic world, and what’s happening now is of momentous importance.”

The Saudi Prince has proven himself, again and again, fighting for the rights of women and helping his country become even richer while still maintaining complete Islamic status as well as minimizing conflict where possible.

In an update to the story, British sources have shared information to Arabi21 that the trip of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to the UK has been postponed to protests to respect the opinions of UK citizens and prevent any form of confrontation. Needless to say, this causes significant loss to the UK and Saudi Arabia.

Whether the Saudi Prince plans to revisit the UK down the line or not, western media has yet again proven to think only about their own best interest and delivered unproven and downright fake information to make stories that meet their narrative.

Meanwhile. Russia and Iran continue to openly and shamelessly target women and children on a daily basis with zero interest by these so-called activists. It is clear they have not so secret agendas and Qatar Money is certainly on the table or even under the table.


We’ll let you be the judge of that!

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