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Secretary of State Tillerson to be replaced by CIA Director Pompeo, Why Is This Not A Surprise?

President Trump says CIA Director Mike Pompeo will replace the former Exxon Mobil chief executive.

The Washington Post first reported the news, which the president quickly confirmed in a tweet. Trump thanked Tillerson for his service and said Pompeo will do a “fantastic job.”

Since Tillerson took the post in February 2017, there have been clashes”allegedly” regarding Russia and its role in Syria. Essentially, Russia has taken over the region despite the Republican party’s refusal to let this happen. Could Tillerson’s allegations that Russia is responsible for the latest chemical weapons attacks on civilians in Syra have triggered this move? Maybe, but at least it was a part of the issue that prompted the President to let him go. 

Tillerson never tolerated the Press’s cheap questions regarding his relationship with President Trump and never even denied he said bad things to the President just because he thought the question was ridiculous.


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Sajawal Rehman

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