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Say Goodbye To Animal Protections

Steve King is a pretty controversial person when it comes to politics, to say the least. He is a US representative that promotes dog fighting, puppy mills, hunting exotic wildlife, and oh yeah, he’s a huge racist.

His latest controversial move comes from gutting many things, including animal protection laws. In fact, it goes far beyond that, as it seeks to strip states of their rights to set standards for the sale of agricultural products. This helps to prevent foodbourne illnesses and rotten food from getting into the supply chain.

For instance, here are a few of the things that laws HR 4879 and HR 3599 seek to abolish:

  • Laws that ban the sale of eggs from hens that are forcefully and cruelly confined to battery cages
  • Laws that ban the sale of dogs obtained from puppy mills
  • Laws in California that ban the sale of Foie Gras, a “delicacy” made from force-feeding ducks and geese to the point that they get fatty liver syndrome.
  • Laws that ban the sale of horse and dog meat.

Mercy For Animals is a huge opponent of this law, claiming on their website and Twitter that “In short, King’s proposal would create a nationwide “race to the bottom” for agricultural oversight. If any-one state permits inhumane, unsafe, or environmentally unsound practices, every other state would have to allow the sale of products made according to those practices. The bill could even threaten child labor laws!”

That is another thing that this bill could also do: force states to accept the sale of food, even if the food was harvested by children. This can have some pretty severe and dire consequences when it comes to civil rights for humans as well. With the laws out of the window, regulating food safety becomes a thing of the past.

Animal rights groups are not the only ones who are worried. Farmers are too. According to Tri-State Farmer:

“King’s legislation called the “Protect Interstate Commerce Act,” violates the 10th Amendment and would more aptly be called the “States’ Rights Elimination Act.” It negates laws governing pesticide application, farm labor, consumer protections like BPA free baby food containers and farm safeguards such as the transport of commodities like diseased firewood, to name a few.”

As a result, 64 farming groups got together to urge the House Agriculture Committee to reject these bills. They stated in a letter “Farming practices and environmental conditions vary widely throughout the United States and largely are governed by those at the local level who best understand their community. H.R. 4879/3599 seeks to mandate a one-size-fits-all approach by establishing a race to the bottom on any standard of production or manufacture of agricultural products.”

So only time can tell if this bill will be passed or die. However, a lot is on the line.

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