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Pilgrimage season ends with great success to Saudi Arabia in controlling the crowds of more than 2.5 M. Muslims during Hajj time. Although it rained heavily, there were no accidents which are normal in such a great amount of people in a small area! But it turned August heat into nice cold breezy weather!


This holy season revealed some Saudi superstars who were in direct service of pilgrims, Saudi soldiers in all sectors! Although they are not the only people in charge of serving pilgrims but their super patience in dealing with senior pilgrims from all the world made them stars in pilgrims videos and pictures that they posted and revealed their great efforts during doing their duty!

The question here; what makes Saudi soldiers did what they had done? Were they paid for that? Did they asked by Saudi government to did so? Many questions could be asked when you see them do their work with a pure smile and a great enjoyment! What is their motivation?

Although Saudis are Arabs who have a great dignity and pride of themselves but they serve pilgrimes humbly and treat them as if they were their parents or family members. This is because the following reasons;

First of all, the Islamic upbringing that Saudis had either at schools or at home. Children brought up to respect elderly people and take care of young ones, respect women and treat them as if they were their mother or sisters. This made them treat pilgrimes from different ages nicely and with great love.

Secondly, They learned as Muslims, the great reward of helping weak people and who are in need. Therefore, they worked very hard to be rewarded by Allah.

Finally, their great knowledge of the importance of these sacred days and they were chosen by Allah to this great mission and they want to do it perfectly.

In this article, I would say that our humanity is not political propaganda but it is natural on us since Allah created the globe we are a spotlight at the darkness of ignorance.

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