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Saudi Crown Prince, Mohammad Bin Salman (MBS) is set to visit Pakistan

Saudi Crown Prince, Mohammad Bin Salman (MBS) is set to visit Pakistan for a two-day visit, starting from February 16, 2019. The diplomatic channels verified the news that the premier will be staying in Islamabad for the duration of his visit. Sources have revealed that five trucks full of Crown Prince’s personal amenities have reached Islamabad.

The Crown Prince will be received by Prime Minister Imran Khan at the Islamabad Airport amid tight security arrangements. According to the local media outlets, the dignitary will be staying at the Prime Minister House in the diplomatic enclave in the country’s capital city, becoming the first state guest to stay in the PM House. It is worth mentioning that the government of Pakistan has a massive focus on the austerity measures to curb the spendings of different government organizations and state-owned buildings. Imran Khan himself had earlier decided not to stay in the grand PM House. Other members will stay in local hotels and Punjab House.

While the meeting with Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan is deemed historic by the experts, the Saudi delegation including bin Salman’s personal doctors and media persons for the coverage of the high-profile event. Major signings are on the cards with some sources suggesting up to $20 billion investment in Pakistan. The magnitude of the tour’s importance can be gauged from the fact that the Crown Prince’s delegate will include 1100 top-ranked officials, businessmen, and other dignitaries. The Royal will attend an international investment summit, as the guest of honor, which is scheduled to be held in Islamabad along with a delegation of 40 important people.

Earlier, a delegation of Islamic Military Counter Terrorism Coalition led by former Army Chief of Pakistan General Retired Raheel Shareef landed in Pakistan on Sunday to meet to assess the security situation in the country while holding meetings with Imran Khan and Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa during its two-day visit. According to the reports, the delegation discussed the strategies to counter terrorism in the region and the Crown Prince’s upcoming visit to Islamabad.

Riyadh had earlier promised massive investments in its long-term ally Pakistan while also offering oil exports on deferred payments for a few years to help fight the impending balance of payment crisis. Ever since Imran Khan took over the reins of the country, Pakistan has been constantly on the rise despite facing the challenge of twin deficits.

Pakistani premier, Imran Khan was earlier invited to the World Government Summit – Shaping the Future of Governments – which was held in the United Arab Emirates from 10-12 February. Mr. Khan invited the investors to come to Pakistan as it was high time for Pakistan to prosper.

“This is the time to come to Pakistan. The country is going on the upswing. Don’t miss the boat.”

Taking over the reins of a country passing through challenging times especially in terms of the economy, Imran Khan said that one thing he has learnt from sports is that ‘you only lose when you lose hope’ and that he is optimistic that Pakistan will rise.

The dignitary is visiting Islamabad for the first time as the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia following the invitation sent to him by Imran Khan when he visited the Kingdom last year. Mr. Khan’s first ever visit as a PM was to Saudi Arabia on the invitation of King Salman and Mohammad Bin Salman.

The two countries have enjoyed cordial relations for a long time having stood by each other through thick and thin. Pakistani premier’s presence at the Davos of the Desert was reflective of the fact that the Islamic Republic of Pakistan stands with the Kingdom in the hour of need. MBS had also extended their full support to help revive the crippling economy of Pakistan and this visit is another link in the chain to ensure Pakistan rises again.

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