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Saudi Arabia at the UNGA2018: Qatar/Iran Terrorism Must Stop!

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was lined up for their slot at the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) 73rd session on September 28, which was utilized by the Minister for Foreign Affairs Adel Al-Jubeir wherein His Excellency talked about the Kingdom’s efforts for ensuring world peace. From Palestine to Yemen, Iran to Qatar, and the challenges faced by the world, the Foreign Minister delivered a historic speech, touching all the major aspects of the monarchy’s foreign policy.

Talking about the recent peace accord reached between Ethiopia and Eritrea in Riyadh, the Foreign Minister said, “this illustrates the political and critical role played by Saudi Arabia in the advancement of international peace and security”.

The top diplomat took the chance to highlight the importance of an independent state for Palestinians who have to face the Israeli brutalities every single day, in one way or the other, while the world remains silent on the atrocities and the human rights violations in the war-torn country. Yemeni people have suffered at the hands of Houthi rebels, which are a perfect example of state-sponsored terrorism by Iran. Iranian regime’s role in destabilizing the region needs to be stopped and the Kingdom is doing its best to help the Hadi’s regime to overcome the situation. The humanitarian aids and the supplies provided to the Yemeni people is a small link in the chain of the Kingdom’s role in ensuring world peace. It is high time to provide a political solution to the Yemen crisis.

His Excellency extended the Kingdom’s support for the United States policy regarding Tehran’s aggressive role in the regional extremism, stressing the need to isolate Iran. The Mullahs regime has been violating all international accords, harboring terrorists and disrupting the world peace through state-sponsored extremist activities in the Middle East and beyond.

“Iran should be held accountable in the international legal system”, he reiterated.

The diplomat also touched the sensitive topics of Libya and Syria, saying that the people of these regions need peace after years of violence. Talking about Qatar, Mr.Adel Al-Jubeir stressed that Qatar spreads hatred through its media outlets all the while sponsoring terrorists and hosting extremists at Doha. Using the right of reply, Saudi Arabia rejected Doha’s allegations levelled in the earlier speech at the grand event, while maintaining that Qatar has been involved in disrupting the region’s peace.


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