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Saudi Arabia and the Barrage of Propaganda Against it !

Saudi Arabia has been considered as the center of the Islamic world and rightly so, it has stayed as the religious center as well as the economic center right from the beginning. While Saudi Arabia has gone about quietly fighting terrorism, there have been concerns over its role in fighting terrorism. However, the whole world recognizes the sacrifices and efforts of the Saudi government as well as the people.

Those who have been targeting the Kingdom with false accusations have always had to retreat mainly because of the efforts of the Kingdom to scrape out terrorism not just from the country but from the entire Muslim world, if not the entire world. Countries like Iran, Russia, and Qatar etc. keep trying to defame Saudi Arabia, however, all they ever come up with are nothing more than social media posts going viral showing the extremism in the country.

What were those social media posts? You might recall the posts regarding women driving getting so much hype unnecessarily. Recently, the videos of Saudi Arabian Princess dancing and being executed. The whole world has been targeting Saudi Arabia over trivial matters when the focus is on more critical issues like combating terrorism. Saudi Arabia, undoubtedly has played its part in wiping out terrorism from the region.

Who gets the benefit of such trivial issues going viral? And who is responsible for this propaganda?

The question seems very relevant and legitimate, and the world needs answers. Saudi Arabia has been the target of ISIS for the past few years, and quite rightly so, because the Kingdom has set out on a journey to clear the Muslim World from extremism. It is nothing but logical to think about the reason behind this targeted terrorism in Saudi Arabia.

The countries like Russia and Iran, the latter always whining over Shia minority victimization, have a lot to gain if Saudi Arabia retreats and stops fighting terrorism. All the state-sponsored terrorism in Arab World and in the Kingdom is never the focus, rather the important issues are almost always suppressed by trivial matters, which are initiated mostly by these countries.

The issue is not new, particularly involving Iran. Saudi Arabia has always supported the fight against Shiite militants in Yemen and it is as clear as daylight that Iran is the biggest supporter of the Shiite community. This has been the cause of the cold war going on between the two countries for ages and it is an unending war.

Saudi Arabia’s role in fighting Terrorism

While it’s easy to accuse anyone, which has been the case with Saudi Arabia, the efforts put in by the Kingdom to counter terrorism speak for themselves, negating the false accusations of supporting terrorism. After the Iranian Revolution in 1979, Saudi Arabia has faced 51 attacks inside the Kingdom. Despite having stopped around 95% of the terrorist attacks, 208 people have died and another 1127 have suffered various injuries during these attacks, which speaks for the sacrifices given by the country for combating the evil.

Mohammed bin Naif, the then Interior Minister had managed to escape from Al-Qaeda who had plotted to Assassination the Crown Prince.The Terrorist literally hid explosives in his rectum in order to blow himself up with the Prince! These are a few of the examples of the targeted terrorism in KSA to destabilize and create chaos in the country. However, Saudi Arabia has always tried its best to ensure peace and stability not just in the Kingdom but the whole Islamic world.

Russia, Iran, Qatar and the Terrorism

It’s an integral part of Iran’s foreign policy to support various extremist groups in the Middle East, particularly the Shiite terrorists. It must be noted that Iran can cross any limit to support and to protect its Shiite brothers, whether they’re innocent or seasoned terrorists. Not just these activities exacerbate civil wars in the Middle East, but also leads to chaos and destabilization in the region. It has everything to do with the U.S. interests as well as Saudi Arabia’s, allowing Iran leverage against the rivals. In 1984, Iran was declared a State Sponsor of Terrorism and it hasn’t looked back since then, supporting militants in Gaza, Lebanon, Iraq and all over the Middle East.

Poor Iranians suffer from a ruthless regime!

Iran has a stronghold in certain areas of the war-stricken countries like Yemen, Syria, and Iraq, due to its support for extremist groups and Assad’s Regime. On the other hand, Saudi Arabia is bitterly against the state-sponsored terrorism carried out by Iran. Therefore, Iran keeps hitting Saudi Arabia under the table and below the belt. The future of the Middle East looks not-so-bright considering the cold war going on between the countries like Iran and Saudi Arabia, as well as American, Russia, and Qatar.


Russia has close ties with Iran and has always supported Assad’s regime as has Iran, making them strong allies. While the US is against the Assad’s regime, it becomes imperative for Russia to do the opposite, therefore, it has always partnered with Iran to support the Shiite extremist groups in the Middle East. Qatar has gradually increased its support for Iran and has developed a strong relationship with Iran in the past few years, which has led to the ban being imposed on Qatar by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Russia and Saudi Arabia haven’t enjoyed the best of relationships, considering the race for ruling the energy sector. The two countries have always been fighting to grab more shares in the oil markets. Middle East which is the region which defines politics around the world and it is evident from the interests of US, Russia, Iran, Qatar and Saudi Arabia in the region.

Looking at all the propaganda going on in the Middle East and the support for Shiite Militants has made the countries like Iran, Russia, and Qatar stand against the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is very rational to think that these countries are involved in the terrorism which has hit Saudi Arabia during the past decade or so. This needs to be stopped and Saudi Arabia must not be blamed for terrorist activities in the region when someone else is responsible for this.

Update: Social media went crazy in the last few days by blaming Saudi Arabia for President Trump’s controversial decision in moving the US embassy to Jerusalem!  Saudi Arabia never had any ties to Isreal, unlike Qatar and Turkey who enjoy warm relations and economic ties as well as the highest diplomatic presence. Saudi Arabia is Zionism’s enemy number one! Period!









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