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Rudy Giuliani Described the Fake Ahwaz Attacks “Probably Internal Work”

Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei was quick to accuse the U.S.-backed Gulf Arab states of orchestrating an attack on a military parade in the Iranian city of Ahvaz on Saturday when four unidentified armed men opened fire – killing at least 29 people, including a dozen Iranian Revolutionary Guards, while 60 more were wounded.

Fox News website reported: Rudy Giuliani, former mayor of New York lawyer and President Trump is an outspoken critic of the Islamic Republic of Iran, referring to contradictory reports from the group responsible for attacking a military parade in Ahvaz, he said that this conspiracy could be the work of the Iranian military forces.

The Tasnim News Agency (regimen), 2019/29/28: “Amoli Larijani, stating that there is no condemnation, tolerance, and mercy for the terrorists and their supporters, emphasized that, as always, it would not allow the mercenaries and terrorists to allow such incidents”

This reflects the previous plan to suppress protesters!

While acknowledging the conflicting accounts of who was behind the onslaught, President Trump’s lawyer and outspoken opponent of the Iranian leadership, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, suspects that the schism may have come from within the IRGC itself.

Kayhan newspaper (7/7/97): “Mr. Rouhani should attend the summit of the United Nations General Assembly on the Ahwaz terrorist incident and the role of the United States in providing comprehensive support and support to terrorist groups. It has to be noted that during the past few days, Background The United Nations General Assembly has held a meeting of the MEK, which killed 17,000 Iranians, in the presence of US officials, including Rudi Giuliani in New York.

In the above article, the regime’s plan to escape its condemnation at the United Nations and the international community is to seek to establish a complete scenario that pursues several goals.

First, he wants to return the terrorist leaves to his accounts, like the United States

Of course, Defense Minister Merica has given his answer to his country

U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis on Monday dismissed Iran’s threats of revenge after Saturday’s deadly attack at a military parade in southwestern Iran and said it was “ludicrous” for Tehran to allege U.S. involvement. (Reuters September 24, 2018 )

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said on Monday the attackers who killed 25 people at a military parade had been paid by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, and that Iran would “severely punish” those behind the bloodshed.

The deputy head of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards also accused the United States and Israel of involvement in the attack and said they should expect a devastating response.

Mattis told reporters at the Pentagon that Iran’s threat did not give him any concern.

Mayor Giuliani continued his interview with Fox News: “Some people say it was other Iranian guards who attacked because it was so well done. It seemed to catch them by surprise,” he told Fox News ahead of the “2018 Iranian Uprising Summit” in New York on Saturday. “I think it was internal… So when you start to see the military break apart, it’s probably the first real sign that things are coming.”

However, Iranian security forces have since randomly arrested a number of Arabs in Ahvaz, following media reports that the opposition group of al-Ahvaz National Resistance claimed responsibility for the offensive”

While Giuliani stressed that the deaths of innocents “is not the kind of thing you want to see,” he advocated that a “peaceful” overthrow of the current Iranian vanguard is the only solution for a prosperous nation and the stable Middle East.

Such a fall, Giuliani said, could come at any moment.

“Who would have known the timeline in Russia or the timeline in Poland or the timeline in Hungary. When it happens it happens. We generally see a very repressive, very militaristic regime and think it can’t be overthrown. We don’t realize as people’s desire for freedom reaches a boiling point it can overcome that,” he continued. “Then it just happens. That’s what is going to happen here. We are going to wake up one morning and someone has been overthrown. It may not happen tomorrow, but it is inevitable the way they are oppressing people.”

Second, however, the regime seeks to prosecute and sacrifice the assassination of itself by this means, he can carry out his plans for assassination outside of Iran against his opponents. and also within Iran, it can arrest and execute those who were demonstrators in the regime’s security apparatus during that time.

If you remember, in history this has always been a known weapon of dictators Hitler arranged the story of a Polish attack on a radio station on the German border to attack Poland. Mussolini’s excuse for attacking Habsha made the story of a group of soldiers

Or stories that we encountered throughout history

The story of Khomeini and the beginning of the eight-year war with Iraq with the interference that Khomeini’s agents had in Iraq. The proverbial Nuri al-Maliki was then Engineer of Abu Mahdi’s co-sponsored terrorists to explode the embassies of France and … in Kuwait.

Yes, the crisis is the only method of dictatorship to take advantage of the current crisis

Rudy Giuliani says right

According to news from the regime:

– Ava Today site (Kurdish), 9/24/2018: “According to secret information sources, Javad Sari, a 30-year-old resident of Alawi’s Goldshit district of Ahwaz, and one of the Corps’s intelligence information collector traveled to Iraq and Syria to infiltrate ISIL. Has been linked to the ISIL network. Javad Sari has collaborated with Haji Nasser, a nickname in the IRGC’s intelligence … Three terrorists started with a parachute shotgun. Sari did not fire any shot and waited for Haji Nasser but after the end of the story Arrested by security forces. Immediately after arresting someone who might be Hajji Naser or his agent, Immediately immediately handed Jawad under the pretext of interrogation and killing, so that there would be no evidence of the operation … ”

The scenario is ongoing and it is clear that the regime has plans for this issue، in this regard

According to Ava Today(Persian),  9/24/2018:

According to information obtained from inside the Iranian regime, agents of the Ministry of Intelligence found the car bombed in the parade of the city simultaneously with Ahwaz, but what was the reason that the Ministry of Intelligence agents found this?

Why did not you get public?

The car was put in place by the Revolutionary Guards intelligence agents. It was held silent for this matter.

Karim Dahimi, a human rights activist in London, told Reuters local sources had said more than 300 people had been arrested in the cities of Ahvaz, Khorramshahr, and Abadan in recent days, mostly from the Sunni Muslim community

Last June, for example, ISIS claimed responsibility for twin attacks on Iran’s parliament and the mausoleum of Islamic republic’s founder, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini. The extremist group also said it was behind Saturday’s attack in Ahvaz.

But is ISIS something apart from the Iranian regime?

You look at this video in Kermanshah last year, An ISIL car with the black flag and Iraqi plaque is passing through the streets of the city. A police car of the Mullah regime also escorts it.

In appearance, the country is the half democracy, half theocracy but in-depth and reality is a dictatorship. Iran is classed as “authoritarian” and ranked 154th out of 167 countries in a global democracy index compiled by the Economist Intelligence Unit. It has largely been immune to the types of militant attacks that have torn through other countries in the region.

Nikki Haley, the U.S. ambassador to the U.N., pushed back, saying Iran should “look in the mirror” for the causes of the attack.

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