The Iranian Revolution

Root of Women’s Role in Iran Protests and Uprising

By Hossein Gandomy

One of the symbols of Iranian recent uprising which is still going on is the Iranian women’s role which all political viewers have been pointed to.

The question is what’s the reason for Iranian women’s presence in recent uprising and protests?

To answer, it needs to mention to the history of women’s Impressive presence which has a 150 years’ record from the Constitutional revolution.


 And also women’s’ presence in Iran revolution in 1979 against Pahlavi dictatorship which the west media have also mentioned it a lot.

Iranian women’s role couldn’t be ignored since 150 years ago in Iran’s history with too many martyrs and heroes and so many resistances against dictatorship while women has been faced to many ideological and historical restriction.

After Khomeini coming in power in 1979, he started to huge suppression against women as one of its so-called “Islamic” laws and Iranian women started to resist against him and his misogynist crimes.

It means this is not related only to these recent events but the role of Iranian women is related to the Iran regime’s misogynist feature which is its highlighted feature.

Iran regime’s Misogynist feature has shown itself from the first days of Iranian regime’s ruling and Mullah have measured it as one of the main policies and started to pressure on women by many discriminations under the name of Islam.


One of the most highlighted of suppression against Iranian women has been done under name of Hijab or Non-veiling which Iran regime has violated many of the basic and natural rights of Iranian women. Its why Iranian women have realized that should step in this campaign if they want to reach their minimum basic rights.

As you saw, Iranian women also had a spread role in 2009 uprising and the symbol of that protest was one of the Martyrs named “Neda”

The brave women of Iran at the forefront of protests

In recent uprising, we saw that sometimes, an Iranian women lonely stood in front of regime’s full armed forces and chanted “Death to Khamenei” without any fear and more important was regime’s authorities confess to this fact. Regime’s authorities have announced that the main circle of protest leaders was among the women.

Unprecedented suppression against women has grown Iranian women’s position to a high level in streets and protest.  

Iranian women many times are the vanguard of the protest in streets and it’s not late for the regime to fall by these hero women from the scene of the country.

The people always have been following the leaders to follow them in the world revolutions and we can see this with a short look in Iranian women’s struggle history.

Iranian women’s struggle has passed an evolutionary way because it has a deep root in Iran’s society, the same way that Iranian Mojahed and fighter’s women have passed.

In 1979 revolution Iranian women’s potential has freed and many of them joined to political parties specially MEK and stood against the regime’s suppressive policies against Mullahs’ misogynist policies, despite being Muslim. Many of them were arrested in the first or second years of Mullahs ruling, some of them were tortured and executed and some others joined to Iranian resistance who had been released. Many of them have been executed in 1988 Massacre which their names are in the 1988 Martyrs book, printed by MEK.

It is important to know that Iranian women who wanted to join political and social activities, had to remove many restrictions and limitations which have been created after Khomeini’s ruling, sometimes had to engage their parents, even for get out of their home.

Also some of those who have been arrested or have been jailed, faced many brutal types of torture because of presence of some criminals like Lajevardi called Notorious Evin prison’s butcher but they resisted heroically and showed their potential in struggle against Mullahs suppression, the reason why we are witnesses of such Impressive Iranian women’s role in resistance units, is presence of such as hero women.

Gender equality and the ability of equal activities for men and women, as half of Iranian society was MEK’s issue for women to be able to participate in their country’s destiny.

Iran regimes nature is misogynist and someone who wants to struggle it, should absolutely believe to the gender equality, this is why Iranian resistance especially couldn’t be Indifferent about the culture which ignores women’s rights and considers women as the number 2 Elemental, and couldn’t have such a retarded idea in its Relationships.

So as a result, Women’s role should have been recognized in the leadership of MEK, so the role of the women and their hegemonic role was a part of MEK’s struggle which has appeared in many revolutions and the women have stayed on the leadership and Determiner’s position.

Just in the front position of Iranian misogynist regime which has considered no serious political position for women, National counsel resistance of Iran, chose Mrs. Maryam Rajavi  as its president-elect in the leadership position and showed that how much they care for the role and the participation of women in society.

An outline of the Iranian Resistance’s viewpoints on women’s rights in tomorrow’s Iran is declared as follows:

  • Women shall have the equal right to enjoy all human rights and fundamental freedoms;
    • Irrespective of their ethnicity, religion, social class or demographics, women everywhere, in whatever village or city, must have the same rights as men in all economic, social and political spheres. Discrimination against women must be abolished in all its forms
    • Women are free to choose their place of residence, occupation, and education. They must have the opportunity to travel freely, have the right to freely choose their clothing and spouse, and have the right to leave the country, to obtain foreign citizenship, to devolve citizenship to their children, to divorce, and to obtain custody and guardianship over children
  • Women must enjoy the protection of the law equal to men
  • Women are free to choose their own clothing. Government interference in this regard is prohibited.
  • Women shall enjoy the right to participate “in the formulation of government policy and the implementation thereof and to hold public office and perform all public functions at all levels of government.
    • Women must specifically enjoy the right to equal participation in the country’s political leadership.
  • Women shall enjoy equal rights as men in terms of inheritance, entering contracts and management of a property.

 Women must have free and equal right to choose, marry or divorce a spouse.
• Polygamy is prohibited

  • Women shall have the rights to obtain custody of their children.
  • Various forms of violence against women, acts of intimidation or forcible deprivation of their freedoms shall be considered crimes.
  • The mullahs’ Sharia laws shall not have a place in the laws of future Iran.
    • Emphasis shall be “to repeal all national penal provisions which constitute discrimination against women.
  • Appalling and brutal laws such as stoning shall be repealed
  • All laws authorizing crimes against women under familial pretexts shall be repealed
  • The government shall assume responsibility for supporting single women who provide for their families

Women’s resistance will topple the Mullahs

As a result, Iran regime is faced to a powerful force which has a deep root in Iran’s history and has raised up from the 150 years of resistance which has improved its capability in leadership and organization in the sense of history.

Mullahs have decided to remove them many times but they have raised up again and again with more determination for regime change and for removing the Mullahs’ middle ages ideology.

Now, the world community has considered Iranian resistance as one of the powerful force for change with the leadership of a women forefront of Iranian uprising and protest to topple Iran inhuman regime.

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Saeed Azadi December 6, 2018 at 8:12 pm

Excellent piece! Well done!

‫نغمه آزادي‬‎ December 6, 2018 at 8:12 pm

A very solid article,
By reading this article can be released to the New World in Iran tomorrow with the women think and hope, come the end of the old era

Danial Tara December 6, 2018 at 8:12 pm

Indeed, Iran’s future is in women’s hands.


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