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Rex Tillerson’s Firing and Mohammed Bin Salman’s Upcoming Visit To The USA

Although the now Former Secretary of State was known to be pushing against Russia and went so far to point the blame on them for using Sarin Gas on defenseless civilians in Syria, he was also a big supporter of the disastrous Iran Nuclear deal. Its kind of contradictory to his position since Iran is Russia’s biggest ally. There are lots of rumors and speculations that President Trump took this opportunity to please the “young Trump of the Arab World” Mohammed Bin Salman in order to make even more great deals with the Saudis. Of course, it is well known that dealing with Saudi Arabia will likely deliver great financial benefits while dealing with Iran will only result in death and destruction starting with their own poor helpless population.

in any matter, this has caused a stir online as evidenced by these few opinions:

Of course Iran is a regional menace, just take a look at how poor and sick their people are right now while the fake Muslim Mullahs embezzle billions of dollars in Swiss banks.

The progressive yet traditional Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia has set out on a mission to enchant the West. The purpose behind the first trip, since his naming as an heir last summer, is to not only get into their good graces but also strengthen the historical ties that bond them together. The trip commenced with a trip to Egypt and then heading to the UK and after returning home he will set out to the United States of America. The 32-year-old is rapidly becoming prominent after he is shaking things up in his country, bringing forth some long overdue changes both socially and economically. Socially he is loosening up the rules for entertainment and reforming the women’s right and economically he wants Saudi Arabia to not be dependent economically on oil in the future.

President Donald Trump will be the host Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman for his brief visit to the US from March 19 to 22. The Saudi Prince has a rapport with Trump and his son-in-law Jared Kushner. Washington has backed his 2030 vision and radical changes related to human rights in his country. The Trump Family connection with MBS seems to be the cornerstone of Saudi strategy for the U.S.

After his arrival and meeting with the main official administration in Washington, he will visit a few other cities including New York, Boston, San Francisco, Seattle, Silicon Valey. Since Trump assumed office this is Young Saudi Leader’s second trip, but this one is the first after his appointment. His visit in 2016 included meetups with the Social media giants such as Twitter and Apple and preeminent investors to discuss his plan for economic transformation in Saudi Arabia. Now that he is in power he has begun the implementation of the said plan. One of the most ambitious goals includes building a megacity, NEOM, worth around $500 billion. Onto the political side of things, though his policies are being applauded by the U.S. President, western media isn’t that kind as they continue being skeptical about the whole ‘revolution’ as they say the Crown Prince is still a novice when it comes to American politics. However, the U.S administrators are in looking to convey other Gulf leaders at Camp David later this spring and discuss mutual goals about counter extremism and looking to put the Qatar dispute to rest.


The Crown Prince’s illustrious maiden trip began with a visit to Britain on March 7 where he had the meeting with Country’s Royal Family and Prime Minister where talks were held about social reforms and economic support and some big budget deals were set in motion. The 32-year old’s visit to Egypt went down in his favor also as Egypt acceded to his regional incentives and turned over two islands in Straits of Tiran to Saudi control which belonged to Saudi Arabia in the first place.

Saudi Arabia expects full support from President Trump’s administration for the upcoming challenges that may arise but are turning a blind eye to government’ hollow structure and will continue to stick to their rigid foreign policy. As a consequence of these lucrative visits, the young head of state looks forward to gaining benevolent international support about the regional tactics mainly regarding Iran and Qatar.

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