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the Root Cause of the Mullahs’ Fear of Holding this Year’s Gathering of the Resistance For a Free Iran

Resistance’s Free Iran Gathering

The Resistance’s Free Iran Gathering:


The magnificent annual Iranian resistance convention was held on June 30, 2018, in Paris, with presence of transatlantic political, scientific, religious and human rights prominent figures and delegations. About 100.000 dissident Iranian from all over the world attended the gathering.

The convention expressed solidarity with the anti-regime uprising in Iran and supported the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) as the democratic alternative to the clerical regime.

This year, the mullahs brought forth all their economic and diplomatic leverage, using even Rouhani himself to call President Macron begging him to prevent the convention from taking place.

But due to the illegitimate essence of the Mullahs’ demand to stop a peaceful gathering to take place in a free European country in conjunction with the increasing international approval of Iran’s resistance movement, all attempts failed.

During the event, the regime also resorted to an act of terrorism to advance its aims accepting the risk of paying the highest diplomatic price. The mission to bomb the political gathering was given to a diplomat at the Iranian Vienna embassy and a sleeper terror cell in Europe.

Fortunately, the planned attack was discovered before it was carried out in a joint European anti-terror operation.  Belgian, German, and French security forces were involved in the arrest operation.

The operation led to the arrest of Assadollah Asasdi, an Iranian diplomat-terrorist and three other culprits linked to the  Ministry of Intelligence MOIS.

To understand the reasons behind the regime’s fear of this year’s gathering in Paris, we should consider the rapid advancement of the democratic alternative gaining vast support among Iranian public who continue their protests inside Iran.

The main emphasis of all speakers and personalities at this year’s event was the key role of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) and its core organization (PMOI/MEK) as the democratic alternative to the mullahs for future of Iran.

This was the main source of concern for the tyrants in Iran.

During this year’s gathering, Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, president-elect of the Iranian resistance’s parliament in exile, NCRI, delivered a speech on the Iranian Resistance’s plan for transferring the power to the Iranian people.

Mrs. Rajavi – Iranian Resistance Plan for transferring the Power to the Iranian People

Excerpts from the speech by Maryam Rajavi at the Iranian Grand Gathering in Paris:

Mrs. Rajavi stated, “According to the NCRI’s program, following the regime’s overthrow, a provisional six-month government will be formed, whose primary task is to form a constituent assembly through free elections with the general, direct, equal and secret ballot. This constituent assembly must draft the constitution of the new republic within two years and put it to vote. It must also set up the principal institutions of the new republic based on the people’s vote.”

Mrs. Rajavi put ‘the right of the people to sovereignty’ at first, and emphasized, “We believe it is possible to eradicate high prices, poverty, unemployment, shanty dwelling, water shortage and environmental calamities. But, before anything else, the trampled political rights, specifically the right to sovereignty of the Iranian people, must be restored and revived. This is the aim of our Resistance and the raison d’etre for the NCRI.”

Indeed, the cruel mullahs have clearly comprehended that the end of their regime is near and the will of the Iranian people and their legitimate resistance, for establishing a democratic Iran, will prevail. The tomorrow Iran will be free of execution and weapons of mass destruction, instead, in friendship with all the countries and a pacifist state in the troubled hit region of the Middle East.

The fact is that the roots of the Mullahs’ fear of this year’s gathering of the Iranian resistance should be sought in their concern about getting close to the overthrow.  That is while the influential and democratic alternative, the NCRI, is fighting strongly both inside Iran and abroad, toward establishing a free Iran.

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