Regime Change in Iran Would be a Blessing for Everyone

In anticipation of the Iranian Grand Gathering In Paris which is taking place on June 30th, 2018, we take a look back at the previous one where many prominent western politicians voiced their support for the Iranian people.

Iranian annual gathering 2018 Is In Paris On June 30: Here’s What You Should Know About It

The regime of Iran started off 2018 by continuing its inhibitory policies against prisoners and the situation of prisoners is appalling and continues to worsen.

On a domestic level, the rate of execution has reached a whole new level in over 25 years, and any opposition is being silenced immediately. On the regional level, Iran has tried ballistic missiles several times, it is assisting Bashar Al Assad’s forces, Hezbollah, Shiite militia groups and fuelling sectarianism more forcefully, which is leading to more recruitments by ISIS and other radical groups. In addition, Iran is growing its IRGC stranglehold across the region.

In the 30th June, 2017 meeting between Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, the President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), and Mayor Rudy Giuliani, the latter pointed to the Iranian regime’s malign activities in the region, punctuating that the mullahs are the source instability and crisis in the region and emphasized that the Iranian regime has been the most active state sponsor of terrorism and Islamic extremism in the past three decades.

Mr. Giuliani expressed his support for Mrs. Rajavi’s efforts to establish democracy and human rights in Iran, noting that the Iranian Resistance is a viable alternative to the medieval regime ruling Iran. Mrs. Rajavi appreciated Mr. Giuliani’s endeavors in the campaign that led to the safe transfer of members of the Iranian resistance from Iraq to other countries, including Albania.

Mr. Guiliani said: “We believe that change is within reach, not only because the regime is becoming engulfed in crisis, but also because there is a large and growing movement organizing for positive change. A viable organization capable of ending the nightmare of religious dictatorship by establishing freedom and democracy, tolerance, and gender equality has steadily gained visibility, popular support, and international recognition. Under the leadership of Maryam Rajavi, a Muslim woman standing for gender equality, which is an antidote to Islamic fundamentalism and extremism, it is working every day to bring about a tolerant, non-nuclear Iranian republic based on separation of religion and state, that will uphold the rights of all.”

July 1, the annual rally day of the Iranian opposition, where tens of thousands of Iranians and their international supporters gather to show their support for democracy, freedom and human rights in Iran. It meant to give voice to the Iranian people and their popular resistance movement and to reiterate the call for regime change in Iran. Many supporters have written slogans, installed photographs and posters and distributed leaflets and brochures in support of the gathering.

It is the world’s largest gathering of those who advocate freedom and democracy in Iran, says Dr. Majid Rafizadeh. This year high-profile American figures- such as former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, former ambassadors to the United Nations John Bolton, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, former FBI Director Louis Freeh, to name a few- have confirmed their attendance for the Free Iran rally. The number of officials endorsing and attending the NCRI’s rally appears to increase every year.

The rally named ‘Free Iran’ is of prime importance in the current historical moment, when assertive policies regarding the clerical regime in Iran are returning to the mainstream the world over. The gathering, with the NCRI at its center, takes place at the Villepinte Exhibition Center outside of Paris and brings together critics of the totalitarian theocracy, including those whom the regime has brutally subdued in the past 38 years.

“These activities, which are in continuation of the massive Resistance’s campaign in boycotting the mullahs’ regime’s presidential election, emphasize the fact that this regime and all its bands have no legitimacy whatsoever, and the July 1st gathering represents the will of the people of Iran,” the secretariat of NCRI said in a statement provided to Al Arabiya English.

At this year’s gathering, messages from the network of MEK activists in Iran will be showcased, these people use whatever means possible to advance the cause of regime change, and the pro-democratic 10-point plan of NCRI President Maryam Rajavi. “The central message of this year’s grand gathering is that regime change is a real possibility in Iran, and there are many features of the rally itself that highlight that message,” writes Shahin Gobadi, a member of Foreign Affairs Committee of NCRI. Tens of thousands of Iranian expats are expected to travel to Villepinte for the rally, based on numbers from the previous few years. As well, the event will be broadcast around the world, including in Iran, and its resonance is so strong in Iran that even political prisoners are sending out messages of solidarity.

The NCRI has argued that neither appeasement of the regime, nor foreign military interference, are solutions for Iran’s problems. Their solution is to support the Iranian people and their organized opposition movement to bring about regime change. Western governments have instead chosen economic relations with the regime while attempting to sideline the Resistance, but that era hopefully has come to an end. Recognizing the Resistance movement is a practical option for the US and other western powers, who can now achieve change and stand with the Iranian people as they stand for liberty.

If these 38 years have proven anything, it is that the regime will never stop its criminal offense against the Iranian people and that reforming the system is impossible. The regime uses death penalty and repression as means of holding onto power. As the days go by, the regime will continue exacting new victims.


In order to save human lives, establish justice and rule of law the Iranian people look for, the ultimate solution is regime change by the Iranian people and their organized opposition movement, the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) led by Mrs. Maryam Rajavi. According to Mrs. Rajavi, the resistance movement believes in law and order, calls for the abolishment of the death penalty, and is committed to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.









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