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Reflections on German Court Ruling on the Extradition of Diplomats – Iranian Regime’s Terrorists in Belgium

The mullahs’ intelligence station coordinator in Europe can be returned to Belgium based on a court order in Germany.
Asadullah Asadi, who worked under the guise of a diplomat in Austria, was arrested during a terrorist plot against the annual Iranian Resistance gathering in Paris.

Following the decision of the Bamberg City Court in Bavaria in Germany to redeem the diplomat of the regime’s clerical regime in Belgium, as well as the recent action of the French authorities against one of Khamenei’s terrorist networks and its money laundering facility, many observers now believe that the Mullahs’ Justice “has been caught.

Extradition of a terrorist; Asadullah Asadi

Asadullah Asadi can be extradited to Belgium, according to the Supreme State Supreme Court ruling in Bamberg, Germany. The court says that “there are no extradition conditions and there are no barriers to extradition,” the accused can not “invoke diplomatic immunity” about this arrested diplomat in Germany, “and that the continuation of the extradition proceedings lies with the General Prosecutor’s Office in Bamberg.”

In a September 9th news report, the German diplomat-terrorist court in Germany, which had detonated explosives at the same time as holding two infiltration elements at the same time as a riot in which to blow up the ceremony, agreed with the resignation of Asadullah Asadi in Belgium. Is.

It can be said that here too, the “angel of justice” has surpassed the “amnesty of compromise” and the appeasement of European governments, and above all by the German government.

An Iranian-based diplomat based in Austria, arrested on July 1, 2018, was arrested on German soil, returning from the delivery of a semicolon of explosives to a terrorist team in Luxembourg.

The members of the team that had been infiltrated by the intelligence system over the years were part of a project that was to be unveiled by the explosions and killing of Iranian, American, European and Arab guests in the annual rally in Paris

The goal was mass murder of supporters of Mojahedin and their international supporters. The target was to hit the head of the Mojahedin; the goals that were completely failed and the members of the terrorist team were arrested in Belgium, France, and Germany.

The German government has a long history of policy advancement or, better, the strategy of compromise and appeasement with the greatest enemy of civilized humanity that is, “religious fundamentalism” has been played by the godfather of that supreme leader of Tehran.

Now, after months of legal and political pressure from the Iranian regime, the diplomat of the system is due to be returned to Belgium.

The Iranian regime wanted to use its diplomatic immunity with the return of Assadullah Asadi to Austria, and to return him to Iran, a plan that has now failed.

Hans Dietrich Genscher

Former German Foreign Minister Hans Dieters Genscher, the designer and architect of the policy of “critical dialogue”, which was then renamed “constructive talks”, was in line with the regime of the mullahs ruling Iran, whose path is always to ignore the gross violations of human rights and better. To say that “crime against humanity” served the interests of the commercial corporations, cartels and the capitalist capital of Germany.

I remember a memory quoted, he said: “I can not deny that the 1981 meeting at the box diplomatic relations Resistance of Iran, on the grounds by German politicians met who claim that Germany launched two world wars to conquer the world but failed in both wars. ”

The German politician continued: “Summing up these wars, we learned that the only way to succeed is to have a strong economy and to take advantage of the benefits to political relations in diplomatic relations. Even during the apartheid era, we did not react to what was happening in South Africa, despite the protest of the whole world. If you have a strong economy, you can fill the vacuum of this view by changing the situation in the shortest possible time! ”

“This politician who spoke in this memory quoted  is the same is the German politician after the arrest of Iran’s government spokesman Sadeq Tabatabai, with a suitcase of drugs at the Cologne-Bonn airport, according to direct and explicit instructions from Genscher during the late-night breathing sessions of the court, In Düsseldorf, he returned to Iran and according to Ghassemi, the spokesman for the foreign ministry of the regime in the affair of Assadullah Asadi, it was expected that Germany would logically return the situation of the diplomat-terrorist to Iran!

Sadeq Tabatabai

In the past, the regime simply could have rescued any crime from the gang of justice and returned to Tehran. As with the great scandal of Sadeq Tabatabai at the peak of his surprise and the astonishment of the public opinion in Germany.

Regarding the crimes in the Mykonos restaurant, the regime used all its efforts

But the extent of the crimes and the independence of the local court in federal Germany and the prosecutor’s personality file and the co-operation of all Iranians

And the endless diplomatic effort of the Iranian Resistance was the basis for a readiness to deal with the current situation

Because, until this regime, the assassination and the issuance of terrorism will be a part of the unpopular division of its substantive nature.

crimes in the Mykonos restaurant

The coordinator of the espionage stations of the Mullahs Ministry of Intelligence in Europe

Asadullah Asadi was the head of the Iranian intelligence station in Austria. The task of this station is to establish coordination between the stations in other parts of Europe.

Asadullah Asadi

Nothing more than the situation that has happened to Asadollah Asadi has shown the weakness and plight and, of course, the despair of the mullahs in the conditions of the uprising. They used the coordinator of Europe’s data stations to transfer bombs!

One can imagine that the system did not have anyone else to carry out this transfer, or at least did not have a trusted person.

The situation is catastrophic for a ruling system that has a lot of financial resources and other facilities.

In the context of this narrowing of the loop on the policy of appeasement, or better, we say the strategy of appeasement policy, which we still read on news sites: “The French government has announced that it has assets of the” Deputy Directorate of Homeland Security of the Iranian Intelligence Ministry “and two Iranian citizens. with plans to attack the MEK rally in Paris has blocked. ”

Now, the French government has pointed the blame for the foiled terror plot at Tehran. French diplomats believe that Iran’s intelligence ministry, which is controlled by Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the supreme leader, ordered the attack.

“This extremely serious act envisaged on our territory could not go without a response,” France’s interior, foreign and economy minister’s said in a joint statement. “In taking this decision, France underlines its determination to fight against terrorism in all its forms, particularly on its own territory.”

There is the talk of a massive network of terrorist elements of the regime in Europe, with only one aim being to hit the resistance and the PMOI.

The arrest of Asadollah Asadi, along with three other trained regime terrorists who were supposed to kill the blood of the great gatherings of Iranians in the Villepinte of France last July,

Certainly neither the first nor the last of its kind.

France attacked a Shiite Islamic Education Center to appear in the port of Dunkirk won 11 arrests and illegal weapons

The operation against the PMOI in Paris, if successful, could have been the basis for the promotion and reward for Assadi, but now that he has failed, he has put one of the most effective intelligence commanders in Europe with a wealth of information to the court; a person from all or part Significantly aware of the information system in Europe.

It can now be concluded that the terrorist system of the system against the Alternatives has not only been completely out of place but also made the information system of the system very vulnerable in Europe.

Following the decision of the Bamberg City Court in Bavaria in Germany to redeem the diplomat of the regime’s clerical regime in Belgium, as well as the recent action of the French authorities against one of Khamenei’s terrorist networks and its money laundering facility, many observers now believe that the Mullahs’ Justice “has been caught.

Establishing various money laundering networks for these acts, together with the use of government mercenaries under the name of “ex-members and critics” of the Mojahedin in different countries, which are all part of the espionage and intelligence machine in various European countries, are fully monitored by the Ministry of Intelligence in the State Department And in particular, in Vienna, under the responsibility of Asadullah Asadi, the third secretary of the government embassy.

Iran embassy

Parallel to these facts, it should also point to the recent action of the French authorities against the financial and laundering apparatus of the regime under umbrella organizations, religious felicitations, charities or bank accounts of the Ministry of Intelligence in the country, so that the dimensions of the regime’s terrorist networks’ Clerks become brighter.

Blocking the Assets of the Ministry of Intelligence in France; The Right Move Against the Terrorist Machine in Europe

The existence of such networks has also been reported by the Iranian resistance in other European countries.

Examples in Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, and Britain, which are all part of the machine or propaganda and recruitment for terror and dictatorship are the supreme leader

At the end of the story, it can be said that the recent developments that took place very quickly showed a fundamental change and a historical victory.

Of course, this victory was achieved by the Iranian Resistance, led by Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, a masterpiece that was not expected to exist in the politics of the day.

It can be likened to the creation of a tunnel in the cold mountains by a needle

The victory of the strategy of the uprising towards national and patriotic duty against the strategy of compromise and trade and the poor economic interests,

If one day here and there, the Iranian resistance broke the “bargaining table” and compromise,

Today, it can be categorically claimed that this has led to a radical change in the balance of power that

On the one hand, the “monster of reconciliation” served the poor economic interests, and on the other hand, it was the “angel of justice” for the abandonment of the lost rights of the Iranian people.

Now, from every perspective that we look at in the course of recent developments, it can certainly be deduced from the rational conclusion that the overwhelming crisis of Khamenei’s dictatorship with the international community, a further unprecedented crisis, and the collapse of the balance with the EU as a trading partner of the regime In order to maintain the achievement, the whole system of the clerical system has been brought to a greater extent by isolation.

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