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Qatar,Aljazeera,& Terrorism

Qatar has been under fire lately due to its suspected connections with the Islamic extremist Brotherhood which are being cemented as being the truth with each passing day. Al Jazeera Qatar’s news network has been under fire from all four Islamic states in the Gulf due to promoting extremism and aiding the extremist Brotherhood recruit more followers. But Qatar has taken a hard stance against these claims.

“The state of Qatar has been subjected to a campaign of lies that have reached the point of complete fabrication,” a statement said. “It reveals a hidden plan to undermine the state of Qatar.”

As of now girls toilet by Saudi Arabia and the UAE I have blocked the transport oil and gas to Qatar. Among the demands made by the Gulf States which have been allegedly leaked by Qatar is for the shutdown of Al Jazeera Network and its affiliates. Other demands included reducing the ties with Iran and shutting down their military base in Doha.

But why is there so much focus on the Arab TV Network?

Despite Al Jazeera making a comeback in the Western cable news network, most of the Western population Still view al-Jazeera as they were during the aftermath of 9/11. Al Jazeera provided network coverage for the leaders of the terrorist organization which included Osama Bin Laden. This does make it likely that Al Jazeera Dad have ties with the terrorist organization which is why they could get in contact with Osama Bin Laden which is something even the FBI could not do.

It is true that Al Jazeera has provided extremist Muslim Brotherhood to share their voice and convey their message to the people. This may or may not have led to more people joining and terrorist activities. It is understandable why Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates don’t trust or view Al Jazeera in a positive light – but neither are those the basis for which any news outlet should be shut down.

So what’s exactly going on?

Is it a closer look at the situations running Al Jazeera you realize their existence is more controversial for an entirely different reason. Al Jazeera started back in 1996, an era during which every news about loss Rizwan is by the government in Arab. Al Jazeera launched as the first independent news outlet that challenges the status quo by broadcasting different opinions and raised political concern among the people. “We never knew there was an opposition in Libya, we didn’t know there were Kurds in Syria or heard from Shiites – all these minority and opposition groups that were gagged were given a voice,” Mr. Kuttab says.

This challenged the long-term stability establishment Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates in the Gulf region. Many view this as Saudi Arabia using Qatar’s current situation to shut down Al Jazeera using their past. “Arab TV did not even have live interviews – state TV could trust their anchors, but they couldn’t even trust interviewees to carry the party line,” says Daoud Kuttab, a veteran Palestinian journalist

But on the other hand, Al Jazeera is still believed to promote the Muslim Brotherhood, Al-Qaeda, the Islamic state & other groups that carry out terrorist activities. Al Jazeera has promoted its viewers to support armed terrorist activities as well as for garnering funds from such party’s.

Freedom of speech

“These regimes are not elected, they fear anything that relaxes their grip on power, and they have the media under tight control – Al Jazeera blew that all away,” says Hugh Miles, editor of Arab Digest.org and author of “Al Jazeera: How Arab TV News Challenged the World.”

“It is a direct existential threat to their system.”

When it comes down to it, Al Jazeera hasn’t broken any laws. We do not stand for what they do and what they represent but using diplomatic power to shut down a news network to stop it from spreading propaganda is an attack on free speech. Even though Al Jazeera allows terrorist organizations to convey their voice or spread propaganda the challenges Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates beliefs, no one has any right to forcibly shut it down.


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