The Khashoggi Files

The Propaganda-Mafia against Saudi Arabia & the Disappearance of JAMAL KHASHOGGI

UPDATE/ Yup he is dead, but still, most news outlets reported complete fabrications!

Khashoggi Has Died and so has Free Speech on Social Media!

The hot topic these days for the propaganda-mafia against the Saudis is JAMAL KHASHOGGI.           Saudi Arabia has been known to be targeted by such groups for a long time now and every time those allegations and efforts to defame the Kingdom happen, in one way or the other, they fail miserably. After all, baseless accusations don’t work for long, do they?

Thomas Wictor who has been banned from Twitter is thriving on other Social Media platforms. Click the Picture for more information about him.

Before going any further, let’s have a look back at what happened and how it was presented before the media. Somethings are just too bizarre to be overlooked and yet the mainstream media chooses to dismiss them. Example, the tweet below[mks_icon icon=”fa-arrow-down” color=”#000000″ type=”fa”]

The Background

Jamal Khashoggi is a renowned Saudi journalist, who rose to eminence following his many criticisms against the Saudi government. What started it all was Jamal’s visit to the Saudi consulate in Istanbul last week on October 02. He has not been seen ever since, reportedly. The disappearance has sparked a huge debate over the media, both conventional and on multiple social media platforms, ever since. The Turkish authorities have leveled the blame on Saudi Arabia, claiming that it was Saudi agents who allegedly killed the famous journalist. Any proofs? No!

The Turkish media has also gone berserk over the missing journalist, leveling all sorts of allegations over the Kingdom for the disappearance. If this is not a baseless accusation, lacking substance, we don’t know what is. Leave aside the media; their job is to find a topic and weave assumptions, the role played by the Turkish authorities can only be described as shameful. They have even stooped so low as to dox the Saudi team of investigators who arrived at the scene. Their faces and names have been exposed on social media and many shills have begun a systematic process of spreading this information on social media.

The Saudi consulate has clearly stated that Khashoggi left the consulate the same day in a safe and sound condition. To their benefit, there are several videos circulating over the internet, especially the social media platforms, wherein he can be seen walking out of the consulate. The Turkish claims of him being killed by so-called agents have been laid to rest with these viral videos.

In the above Tweet by official Turkish Sources, they laughably state that one of the alleged Saudi security personnel has a military rank identified as ” HeadMaster”. Check the tweet and use the translate option provided. Apparently, they don’t know how ranks are used in militaries around the world, sheesh.

Looks like the Turkish authorities are not very good at keeping their CCTV videos to themselves, are they? Or maybe facing backlash from within? Very much likely. In this day and age, everyone knows how to use social media to expose the propaganda and baseless lies.

A little more about the journalist

Jamal has been known for his stories especially the Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan and Osama bin Laden’s rise. He was appointed Royal family’s adviser as well as for some top officials. He was later reported to be in a self-imposed exile, following his falling out of favor with the Kingdom’s government, which in itself is a mystery.

Moving on, he kept on writing critical articles for different journals and magazines against the Saudi government. Also, he repeatedly said he feared that he might be arrested. Why? He never said.

Before visiting the consulate on October 02, Jamal had earlier visited the office in the consulate for some paperwork for his ex-wife’s divorce. He was told to return again, with an appointment at 13:30 on October 02 to pick up the final documents. We all know these consulate paperwork matters take time, don’t we?

And then started the propaganda. Her Turkish fiancé Hatice Cengiz reported to have waited for him for 10 hours but to no avail as he never returned. It is worth mentioning that he had talked with his friends about his first visit to the consulate, saying that he was greeted ‘warmly’.

Turkey’s Stance

Pro-Turkish government papers have claimed that there was a 15-member team tied to the mission, which landed in and out of Turkey the same day the event took place. The airport officials have confirmed that the alleged hit squad did not possess any illegal or suspicious item, which pretty much sums it up.  Well, there’s more.  More of a film scene than a fact.

Some papers have been saying that Jamal was cut up with a bone saw in a Pulp Fiction-like killing. The journalists are going a little too far in the reporting of the event, aren’t they? The question arises: if the papers know this much, where’s the evidence? This case should have been done and dusted by now, shouldn’t it? Besides, the Saudi government has already said that it wants to see the investigation results claiming that it is ‘pretty much keen to know what happened’.

Some local papers are of the view that the killing hasn’t taken place, rather the top journalist was abducted. Abducted from where, taken to what destination, it remains the million-dollar question.

Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan has called for a fair investigation into the case. While Ankara has asked Riyadh to provide evidence of Jamal leaving the consulate albeit not providing the evidence showing that the journalist was killed inside.

Looks like the ball is in Ankara’s court and there is still no official word on the official results of the ongoing investigations. The security teams are examining around 150 CCTV cameras while the search at the Saudi consulate and the Saudi residences linked to the consulate are also under investigation.

The Saudi Side of the Story

It is never good to know just one side of the story, is it?  Despite Turkish authorities claims that the Saudi agents flew in and out of the country on the day of his disappearance and that a top-secret mission was carried out at the consulate in Istanbul, the Kingdom has openly asked Turkey to carry out the investigations including building search while denying the involvement in the disappearance.

Prince Mohammad Bin Salman’s brother Prince Khaled bin Salman has termed the allegations ‘completely false and baseless’, while the Crown Prince maintained that they have nothing to hide.

A question arises; are the Turkish security forces and intelligence agencies so unaware that a high-profile mission gets completed within hours, rather minutes, and there is not even a body to be found? And the country openly brags about the effectiveness of its armed forces, law enforcement agencies, and intelligence groups. There seems to be something cooking.

Guess we will have to wait until there is some official word on the alleged missing case.

Special thanks go to Majed Aleisa and “MEGuardians” for collecting some of the best evidence that refutes some of the major fake news being spread on the internet as we speak.

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