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Prisons Around The World Are Not Supposed To Be Torture Chambers!

To be honest, it was the show  that made me aware of this horrifying situation prevalent in the developed world where human rights are daily conversations in the media.  Heck, even some poor developing countries don’t treat prisoners with humiliation and rape.

Hillary and Private Prisons

Ahem, Anyway on to the story of this article.  Keep in mind that most prisoners around the world are not actually criminals. In the USA, most prisoners are for non-violent cases that could easily happen to you or your teenage kids.  Not to mention how African Americans are the target audience for law agencies around the country.  And after reviewing the facts here, This subject should be a main part of the 

Prisons Around The World:

Prisons are supposed to be detention centers where the law-offenders are bound to serve their time, however, the inmates are being legally deprived of their social, political and economic rights. Being treated as second-class citizens, the prisoners are facing their worst nightmares instead of just doing their imprisonment time as specified by the law. The conditions they have to face in the prisons is no better than the antebellum slavery, the only thing different is the name – prisoners now and slaves then.

Let’s take a look at the modern prisons in the United States of America, China, and Russia and see how modern slavery is being practiced in the countries where injustice is totally intolerable.

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Prisons in the US

The Prison Administration in the US is looked after by the Department of Justice. Headed by Charles E. Samuels Jr., the Federal Bureau of Prisons has 2,217,947 inmates in more than 4575 establishments including local jails and federal prisons, as of 2014. The prison population of the United States is the highest among all the countries with 724 in every 100,000 of the national population, as of 2016. The numbers are ever-increasing and even China, the country with the highest population in the world, is failing to catch up with the US in terms of prisoners’ population.

Among the 2.3 million prisoners, 20.4% are pre-trial detainees, 9.3% are female prisoners, 5.5% foreign prisoners, and 0.3% juveniles, as of 2013. The numbers would have increased further the occupancy level was 102.3% as of 2013, meaning that there are more prisoners than the official capacity in the overall prison system. America has only 5% of the world’s population whereas almost 25% of world’s prisoners are locked up in American prisons, a number which speaks volumes for the modern-day slavery in the country.

Prisons in China

The prison administration in China is headed by Liu Zhenyu, the Director General of Ministry of Justice. The Ministry of Public Security also plays a role in controlling the pre-trial detainees. With 1.7 million prisoners, China is only behind the United States which has the most number of prisoners in their detention facilities. No other Asian country is close to China, with India currently at the second spot having less than 1/4th of the Chinese prisoner population.

The World’s most populous country, China has a very low relative prison population considering the fact that the country’s population is around 1.4 billion. Even Singapore and Taiwan are ranked higher than China in terms of relative prison population. China is considered to be a safe country considering the fact that no Chinese city has been included in the fifty most dangerous places in the world. Over the years, the crime rate has increased at a very slow rate, the most important crimes being fraud and theft, which are mostly due to the social inequality resulting from economic development.

Out of 1.7 million prisoners, 6.5% are females, 0.8% juveniles/young prisoners and 0.4% foreign prisoners, held in more than 700 prisons including 30 detention facilities for juveniles. In addition, as of 2009, there were 320 camps dedicated to re-education-through-labour. As constructive as it may sound, the re-education-through-labor proved more of a nightmare for prisoners as there were staggering instances of physical abuse. The forced-labor camps are famous for their brutal system and lawlessness as they are answerable to no one.

Prisons in Russia

Gennady Kornienko, the head of Prison administration looks after the prison system in Russian Federation. The ninth most populous country in the world with a population of 143,438,848, Russia has a prison population of 651,360, as of 2016. This is very less as compared to other highly populated countries like China and USA etc. 451 in every 100,000 are held in some form of prison in Russian Federation, as of June 2016.

Russia has a high percentage of pre-trial detainees, in pre-trial institutions, which is nearly 18.3% of the total prison population. There is a total of 977 detention facilities in the country where the occupancy level is around 83%. With 3.9% foreign prisoners, 0.2% juveniles and 8.1% female law-offenders, the prison population is decreasing every year unlike China and the USA.

The Difficulties Faced by Prisoners in America, China, and Russia

It’s not just the number of prisoners that are mind-boggling, but also the injustice and the brutalities that are being faced by the detainees. According to us, they don’t exist, they live in another world where they are making up for their crimes. But the fact is that they are doing much more than just serving their time, they are being treated as inhumanely as it gets. A girl gets raped in the country and people walk out on the roads protesting for the injustice that has been done. However, we are oblivious to the fact that more men are raped in jails than women outside of prison, YES, you’ve heard it right.

The figures on sexual abuse in prisons presented by the US Department of Justice are alarming. 216,000 prisoners were sexually abused as compared to 90,479 assault cases, as of 2008, outside of prison. Not just this, most of the prisoners are given a punishment they don’t even deserve, such is the justice served in a just America.  They are being exploited by corporations, treated as non-humans, deprived of their rights and the list of injustice goes on and on as if the American slavery which was abolished way back in 1835 has returned in a worsened form.

China also has a brutal prison system with forced labor camps and all kinds of injustice is served in those facilities. One of the most important factors is that physical abuses are reported almost everywhere but not in Chinese prisons which makes it one of the most brutal prison systems of the world. Physical abuse and all kinds of torture are a routine matter in Russian prisons also and there’s no way they can stop the unjust brutal practices on themselves. Prisoners are tormented by the Russian Police whenever and however they please.

We are all believers of the fact that slavery should be abolished and must not find its way back again, however, we are still facing the curse of slavery in prisons, perhaps with a different name. Prisoners are lawfully tormented like slaves and we keep assuming that they are just doing their time in a fine manner, nothing more. The ground realities are totally different and the conditions in the prisons are not getting any better. Something must be done sooner or later to stamp out this curse from our prison system.

Rape in the US Prisons compared to other countries

Rape is undoubtedly a devastating crime, even more so when criminals do it with other criminals. Rape and sexual assaults are often used as the same words for sexual abuse however, there’s a difference. The rape attempts and sexual assaults are rampant in American prisons and there’s no one to stop them. Although the Department of Justice claims to have been trying hard to eliminate this evil from the prisons, however, the numbers are ever increasing. The staggering numbers of sexual assaults in American prisons would horrify each and every one of you.

The Department of Justice revealed the stats for the sexual assaults in the US prisons which showed that 216,000 prisoners were sexually assaulted in one way or the other, including both male and female prisoners, in 2008. These numbers are from 2008, yes, that is 8 years ago, and the situation in the US prisons isn’t getting any better, instead the numbers are on the rise, which is a huge concern not just for the Department of Justice but also for the inmates who are being penalized due to this heinous crime within detention facilities.

Due to the distressing number of rapes and sexual assaults in prisons, especially in male detention facilities, the numbers present a horrendous look with the USA being the only country where males are raped more than the females. This is a terrifying fact and no country is anywhere near the US when it comes to these numbers. It is a huge failure for the Department of Justice and even then nothing substantial is being done to overcome this situation in the prisons. Female prisoners are raped by the staff which is another worry for the DOJ, who claims to have taken strong measures to eliminate this by appointing female staff in female penitentiaries.

Here are a few stats of rapes in prisons which will leave you wondering about the functioning of the Department of Justice.

The list of stats is a long one, however, let’s compare these mind-blowing numbers with the rape reports from around the world.

While most of the rapes are not reported and are subdued due to unknown reasons, the countries with most numbers of sexual assaults include South Africa, Sweden, India, New Zealand, England and Wales and the list continues. The rape is a rampant crime in most parts of the world, however, the number of rapes in prisons of other countries are significantly less than the US prisons which is a blow in the face of the controlling authorities of the US Prison system.

It is worth noting that even during the presidential elections the executives of these vile private torture chambers were not worried at all about the outcome because they knew Hillary Clinton was also never going to do anything about this issue.

Sometimes I wonder, Is the media as well as human rights groups complicit in this situation? I think this because I see them turning a blind eye by blatantly ignoring these disgusting conditions and focusing on less important matters globally and acting very self-righteous.  Am I wrong to think this way? Am I missing something?  I sincerely wish to understand more and am very open to discussion. In the meantime, I think I will go rewatch some Prison Break episodes and marvel at their attention to detail in those tattoos of the first season.


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