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President Trump Surprises Republicans & Democrats With Harsh gun regulations

Just when we thought President Trump couldn’t surprise us anymore, he surprises us again. Even after 2 years, Donald Trump has managed to amaze us and his latest actions are a perfect example of just how unpredictable he can be.

In a very surprising turn of events, President Trump has come out and for some reason is on board with the idea of much harsher gun regulations. President Trump was not only onboard with stricter regulations but also went a step forward to attack the NRA firmly stating that he has nothing to fear from them. Donald Trump Said, “We have to do something about it. We have to act.”

This is a point he hit on many times in his meeting with lawmakers this Tuesday where he was surprisingly open to hearing about gun reforms which rubbed some Republicans and surprisingly most democrats the wrong way.

President Trump further went on to say, ”We can’t wait and play games and nothing gets done. And I really believe that the people — this is bipartisan. It’s a bipartisan meeting. We’re going to discuss safe schools and we can really get there. But we have to do it.

We don’t want to wait two weeks, three weeks, four weeks and people sort of forget and we go on and then have another problem. We want to stop the problems from happening.”

President Trump even made a statement about taking away guns first from individuals that could be regarded as a threat and then following the legal procedure to determine whether someone should be allowed possession of a gun. This is a bold move that not even Democrats have ever even brought up which goes to show just how much effect recent events have had on him.

“We’re not ditching any constitutional protections simply because the last person the president talked to today doesn’t like them,” Senator Ben Sasse, Republican of Nebraska, said in a statement.

Even Democrats were on the fence about whether President Trump would actually go ahead with what he said.

“The White House can now launch a lobbying campaign to get universal background checks passed, as the president promised in this meeting, or they can sit and do nothing,” said Senator Chris Murphy, Democrat of Connecticut.

It goes without saying that the NRA did not like what they hear. Joe Biggs, an Austin, Texas-based NRA member and chief executive of Rogue Right outright called the Presidents Words a betrayal

“That’s the stupidest fucking thing I’ve ever heard in my life. Hopefully, he was just having a momentary brain fart, a lapse of judgment,” Biggs said.

He added: “Hopefully someone pulled him into the back and said: ‘You’ve just lost half your base by saying something that stupid.’”

“You spend your whole life on the right and you always think that Democrats are going to be the ones who take your guns,” Biggs said.

In either case, it finally looks like there will be some changes for Gun Control which is a welcomed change for many.

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