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President Trump Justified in Mocking Global Warming

In midst of this extremely cold weather currently icing the United States of America, the president of this great country, Donald Trump took to Twitter to express his skepticism over global warming in a very light and sarcastic fashion.

This, like most of the president’s other tweets, was met with criticism by some of the hardcore supporters of the “theory” of climate change. And yes, the word “theory” has been used here because up to this point it is nothing more than that. There is more evidence against global warming and climate change than that which supports them.

Look at what is happening in the United States at the moment. As the president stated himself, the windchill temperatures are reaching new record lows and there has been more snowing now than ever. If you look at the weather map provided by the University of Maine’s Climate Change Institute, it shows that almost all regions of the country have recorded temperatures that are below average up to 10 degrees and even more.

It is not just this year, temperatures hit a new record low with record level of snows being reported every year. And not just America but almost every part of the world, the cold weather is becoming even more chillier, year after year.
Make no mistake, the marketing for global warming is strong, and these people will always blame every natural phenomena such as hurricanes, tornados, or storms on us naughty humans. It is stated as though it was a consequence of our action that has brought us all to the brink of destruction.

Let’s face it, this cult of climate change supporters are very deep rooted and no wonder the harsh statements regarding global warming have always had a loud controversy accompanying them. While these cult members are busy justifying themselves by saying that one wave of cold doesn’t disprove their theories, it is ultimately the people who suffer from this and the last thing they need is anybody to tell them
that the global warming is on the rise.

Besides, President Trump was not the first one and certainly will not be the last one to criticize the false claims of global warming. As the much famous global warming conspiracy theory suggests,  these claims and theories have been influenced and corrupted by many political forces, among other beneficiaries. This corruption has been done mainly to achieve many financial or geopolitical goals. This ‘conspiracy’ theory weighs on the lack of evidence that supports the theory of global warming and there are many among media that outline these points.

However, when it comes to President Trump, every step or comment is purposefully interpreted in a negative way. Moreover, these cult members try to fool or misguide the general public by using so-called ‘scientific’ explanations to justify their false theories. First, they said weather and climate is getting worse as both of them are necessarily the same thing. However, now as their whole narrative is being pushed to dust by the harsh ground realities, they now state that weather and climate are essentially different. You may ask why but I simply don’t know why other than they want to make everything the opposite. Cold is Hot, Up is Down, Right is Wrong and so on and so forth.
According to this cult, 2014 was supposed to be hottest the year of the decade. But that claim went to dust like all other claims of theirs. The history of global warming is getting harder to record by the day. Moreover, the CO2 sinks are up and running with almost little to no reduction in their number.

You might have heard this propaganda on the threat of reducing carbon sinks that will affect our atmosphere resulting in the greenhouse effect. But what you don’t know is the large amount of interest it induced into the renewable energy market which in turn benefited a number of international players. This also resulted in increased production of electric vehicles which only a handful of companies are capable of achieving. Thus, establishing a monopoly in this market and reaping the fruits of a well-made propaganda. Feels fishy, right? Speaking of handful, it is just the same number of scientists that support the theory of global warming. Majority of the scientists have drastically different views about the issue. While the world’s biggest space organization NASA which has the world’s greatest tools and scientific minds at its disposal, has yet to show any real concern regarding global warming and likes to focus on real issues. If you look at the matter with an open and unbiased mind, President Trump was right to point out the infectivity of global warming.

As if it were so devastating, it is surely doing a poor job this winter with the temperature reaching new record lows. So, it is better to check the facts before you start ranting on against someone’s narrative. If you are in US, just look outside your window and see how hot the climate is getting or how cold the weather is getting as well. Which is to say, not getting warmer at All.

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